Representative Democracy In The United States Essay

Have you ever thought about who you’re voting for presidency? Who you vote for plays an important role because it affects everyone. In the primary there are so many candidates running for the presidency but only one candidate from each party is chosen to run for president. Representative Democracy is when the get to people elect representatives to run the government which is also known as Democratic Republic. The United States is a Representative Democracy. The citizens elect representatives such as the president, members of congress, and senators to run the government.

The government is divided into three separate branches of government. This ensures that none of the branches can overpower one another and each branch plays a different role. Presidential primaries help choose candidates running for the president position. This election process happens every four years when registered voters vote for who they want for president whether Democratic or Republican. Everyone who wants to run are considered as candidates but only the candidates who are serious about the position would have experiences backed up behind them to showcase their true abilities.

Everyone should have an equal opportunity in education and life. Bernie Sanders is a Democratic candidate for president of the United States. He knows what he wants and is determined to fight for his position. He is not afraid to speak his mind and the truth. Bernie Sander was born in Brooklyn, NY. He attended James Madison High School and for college he attended Brooklyn College and the University of Chicago. After graduating he moved to Vermont where he was a carpenter and documentary film making. In 1981, he was elected as mayor of Burlington.

As mayor, his leadership skills helped him in his position. He contributed to make living arrangement affordable for people, progressive taxation, environmental protection, child care, women’s rights, youth programs and the arts. Bernie Sanders wants to help all, whether rich, poor or middle class. He has an upstanding reputation of nicknames. For example he is called “amendment king” for passing more amendments then anyone in the Congress. Voting for Bernie Sanders will get us a chance closer to tuition free college. Bernie Sander already has a plan to how it will happen.

Not only that, but he wants to establish single payer health care (“Medicare for all”) and he shows affection to immigrants. Every day many people drop out of school. They can’t get a full education because they can’t afford college, which makes them jobless bottom feeders of the social classes. They have to strive to get where richer people are nowadays. Why not vote for someone who can support tuition-free college for all? Helping us will raise the employment rate for them. We are the future generations; they count on us to change the world so why are they limiting our resources .

Although, some people do work their way through college, not everyone can manage depending on situations. Motivation goes a long way but with college being so pricey, how do you expect a student to balance between school and work? How are they going to support themselves to reach for success when money is a blockage standing in between their dream? The number one reason why people are dropping out is because college expenses are too high to manage. In the article “Is College Tuition Really Too High” by Adam Davidson it shows that people tend to choose the best college whether they can afford it or not.

They think going to the best colleges gives them a higher chance of getting a high paying job. While this may be true they take out loans from banks. Some people might want to further their education, so by the time they graduate they’d be in debt with no jobs. From tuition to the books, shelter and food, transportation etc. , students are still young to handle so much. Some families have more than one child going through college so it could make their living financially unstable depending on their living status. Many families raise more than one child so it gets harder to support everyone financially.

Bernie Sanders believes in free public college education for all. With this success, will rise, with motivation to learn, we will end up achieving numerous amounts of greatness. This will help shape up America, because youth are the future generation. They count on us to advance in the future. To do that Bernie Sanders plan to make college free by making tuitions free at public colleges and universities. He will stop the federal government from making a profit from student loans. He will cut student loan interest rates also allowing us to refinance student loan to today’s lowest rates.

He will make sure financial aid and work study is available and lastly he will fully pay for by imposing tax on Wall Street speculators. Medicare is an insurance that provides health insurance coverage for the elderly, but is becoming important that every family and individual should get one. Most people don’t have Medicare because it is too expensive. In longevity Medicare is important because it covers some of your medical bill expenses and provides you with options. If there was an emergency and you hurt but you don’t have Medicare then you’d be stuck with a huge medical bill expense that you’d have to pay out of your own pocket.

Bernie Sanders is suggesting “Medicare for All. ” It guarantees health care to all citizens not just privileged individuals. With this plan we will no longer worry that insurance is taken away from you or your love ones because of job loss. You can live freely and take action for what you want. Bernie Sanders’s plan for “Medicare for All” will cost $6 trillion less than the current plan. Middle class family would save over $5,000 under the plan. Businesses would save over $9,400 a year in health care costs for the average employee. His plan’s estimated cost is about $1. 8 trillion a year.

The plan would be fully paid by 6. 2 percent of income-based health care premium paid by employers, 2. 2 percent of income-based premium paid by households, progressive income tax rates, taxing capital gains and dividends the same as income from work, limit tax deductions for rich, the responsible estate tax and savings from health tax expenditures. America as we all know it is a melting pot. We are all diverse, from race to ethnicity, whether we are immigrants or citizens. Most immigrants would say that it is a privilege and a dream come true to come live in America.

But since job opportunities or any opportunities are scarce, due to limited to communication with others. Americans don’t want any more of immigrants. They don’t see immigrants as one, they’re portrayed as outsiders who don’t deserve the opportunity or they might be seen as a terrorist. With an overflowing immigrants overpopulating, everyday many immigrants are denied access to stay in U. S. soil and are requested to go back to where they came from. Bernie Sanders is advocating that immigrants should be treated fairly and have the right to obtain citizenship. They should be allowed to stay and unite with us as one.

They should be offered a job opportunity to make a living and start a brand for themselves. This is also a good idea because it brings family closer to one another instead of being halfway across the world. To do that Bernie Sanders plan to establish and issue a Fair and Humane Immigration Policy. His policy will dismantle inhumane deportation and detention programs. He will make it a smooth process for eleven million undocumented immigrants aspiring to become Americans and gain citizenship. He will make the process fare for all, making us feel secure and safe while respecting everyone around us.

He will do more trade with others and make sure it is possible for future immigrants to come to America. As you can see, Bernie Sanders is a strong candidate for the presidency. He knows what he wants, his goals and how he is going to approach it. Free college opportunity means he cares for the youths (teens& young adults). He cares about what we have to offer for the future. Setting up a new healthcare system shows that not only does he care for the elderly but for all. We will need to adjust with the raise of tax for the new system, but will no longer need to pay for deductible or copay.

He is also pro-immigrant, meaning that he doesn’t just think about “our people” (citizen) but everyone, including all immigrants and anyone living outside of the U. S. as one. His goals for the future target most demographic groups. What he want is what everyone wants, an equal opportunity. In conclusion, an increase of the college success rate means advancement in technology etc. The new healthcare system is created so that no one is denied of service because of money and longevity in everyone’s lifespan. Legalizing immigrants unite us all to look at perspective from another point of view so we can achieve more for the economy.