College Athletes Get Paid Essay

Should college athletes get paid? College sports is one of the most entertaining to watch if you are a sports fan and, schools bring in a large amount of money due to their athletic programs but, due the athletes really deserve a pay day? Some college athletes think that they deserve to get a payday for all the sacrifices they make to their school. College athletes do not need to be paid because they have the ability to get to go to college for a reduced amount of money and a college degree is more valuable than any amount of money. College sports have been around longer than the NFL and the NBA.

Athletes who played in sports before professional sports did not complain for feel the need to get paid because they knew that a education is more valuable than money. Although times were different back then and the college was not bringing in millions and billions of dollars due to their athletic program, it is still true that education is more valuable than money. Schools are not trying to cut the players short they come to a mutual agreement because the college has something to offer to the player and the player has something to offer to the school.

Although some of the athletes do not receive scholarships their athletic abilities might be the only reason they have the ability to get accepted and attend the school that they wanted or are going to. College athletes work incredibly hard at what they do and they can use it to get a really good college education and for them them to say that they need to get paid for it also is very greedy of them. Education is more valuable than money because it is a key to becoming a very successful person in our society. “If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day but, if you teach a man to fish you can feed him for a lifetime.

This quote is a metaphor for college education and money. If you teach a kid a skill rather than give the person money they will be able to make money for the rest of their life. Money is temporary because you hear in school about their professional athletes who wasted all their money on unless things and now they are broke and have no money. If a student athlete were to get paid money in college they would do the same thing but, if you give them education you give them a opportunity to learn for a lifetime because they have a valuable skill.

Drake Bell was a star on TV about ten years ago and he made a good amount of money but, a few years ago he filed for bankruptcy. If he had went to school and got a education there is a good chance that he would not be in the position he is in today. If you pay a college athlete the athlete would most likely do the same thing. If you give a college athlete the student will not be in that situation because of the fact that they will have a college degree.

Student athletes should appreciate and take full advantage of the opportunity they have to do what they love and to get education for a reduced amount or even for free. In the article “College Athletes Should Not Be Paid Because a College Education is valuable. ” James Shulman says that college athletes tend to not to do as well as their classmates in the classroom. Which shows that these students are not take full advantage of what they have the opportunity to do. This shows that people who play sports in college generally care more about their sports career more than their academic career.

Just because everyone does not want to go to college doesn’t mean that they should get paid because they are using the school to get better at what they want to do which is the whole point of going to college. When a person goes to a college while they are attending and when they leave as well they represent the college that they go to and if you pay a player to play in college they will not try in school so when they leave they will represent the school poorly which it is not what the college wants to happen.

Since in the NFL you have to be at least twenty years ld to be eligible to get drafted some students are using college to get there name out there to get drafted. In the NBA there are the same sort of rules also because you have to be nineteen years old to be eligible to be drafted. Some players such as Kevin Durant who attended college for just one year at the the University of Texas used college just to get there name exposed and to further their basketball abilities by learning from a different coaching system they also get a chance to play against people with more talent instead of playing people from high school.

In football Johnny Manziel did the same sort of thing because he went to college until he was 20 years old and used Texas A&M just to get his name put out into the minds of NFL scouts and coaches then he got drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns, in which he has not done to well and since he put all his eggs in one basket and when football is over for him he has no other backup plan. If he would of finished his education he could of became a high school coach and learned how to manage his money and his off the field issues.

Finishing a degree shows that you have the ability to finish what you started and if you play sports it shows even more. It shows that you can manage you time well because juggling school and college sports is not very easy with all the morning work outs, practice and fixed meal plans on top of not only just passing your classes but having a high enough GPA to still remain eligible to continue to play sports. It shows you have focus and dedication to not only your sport but also your education.

Playing college sports is not easy no doubt but hard work does pay off. College should not get paid because of the value of education is so much more than any amount of money. College sports gives you so many opportunities and experiences that most people will never have and many people would kill to be able to do some of those things they they get to do. Going to college and living for free and getting education for a reduced amount of money is something that most people do not get the opportunity to do.