College Sports Should Be A Degree By Roger Pielke Analysis Essay

Your Sport Should be A Degree
In the article “Why Not a College Degree in Sports?” written by Roger Pielke Jr. he discusses whether college athletes should receive a degree in their sport. He suggested that college sports should be a degree. He claims athletes will be more accountable for their grades while avoiding athletic scandals. For example, the University of North Carolina committed academic fraud because athletes on scholarship were receiving good grades for classes that didn’t actually exist in order to help them keep their scholarships (Why Not a College Degree in Sports).
Pielke Jr mentions with NCAA getting more popular means it brings more money to the corporation, which means that there is more pressure to perform well. For example, the NCAA “signed a deal with CBS and Turner Broadcasting for an eight-year, $8.8 billion extension of their March Madness basketball TV contract to 2032, while the college football bowl series brings in more than $500 million annually”. That would mean that athletic departments could be more interested in making allowances for athletes who do not necessarily deserve to play….

Also, because of sports, the athletic budgets have skyrocketed. In fact, in 40 states the highest paid public employees are college coaches. William F. Shughart II asked a simple question in an op-ed essay in The Wall Street Journal: “Why should academic credit be given for practicing the violin, but not for practicing a three-point shot?”, (Why Not a College Degree in Sports).
In my opinion, I believe that college should not allow degrees in sports because it can limit job opportunities. Scholarships should only be use to recruit players. Then they should search for a backup plan, and those classes could be used to boost an athletes GPA to keep their eligibility for playing their…