Greek Contributions

The Ancient Greeks were one of the most influential cultures in the development of modern day society. Many aspects of our culture can be traced back to Ancient Greece, including literature, philosophy, and medicine. In this essay, we will focus on the contributions of Ancient Greek philosophers and physicians to the development of medicine. Ancient … Read more

The Trojan War Essay

The Trojan War was a pivotal event in ancient Greek history. The war began as a conflict between the city of Troy and the surrounding region, but soon escalated into a full-blown war involving many of the major city-states in Greece. The war lasted for many years, and resulted in the destruction of Troy and … Read more

Mixed Messages in Greek Theatre

Greek theatre was a significant part of Greek culture and religious life. The earliest Greek theatres were probably built around 600 BCE. Greek theatre played a role in the development of drama and tragedy, and was an important influence on later Western theatre. Greek theatre is often divided into three periods: the Early Period, the … Read more

Greek Theatre Essay

Greek theater is a vital part of ancient Greek culture. It evolved over time, starting as simple performances of poetry and music to the elaborate productions that we know today. Let’s take a look at the history of Greek theater and how it developed over the centuries. Greek theater began in the 6th century BC … Read more

Life In The 5th Century

In Greece during the 5th century BC, the average person’s day was filled with a variety of tasks and activities. They would get up early in the morning to work in the fields, tend to their animals, or do other manual labor. In the afternoon, they would usually take a break for lunch and then … Read more

The Materialism Of Ancient Greece

The ancient Greeks were a materialistic people. This is most evident in the work of Democritus, who believed that everything in the world was composed of tiny, indivisible particles called atoms. For the ancient Greeks, this meant that the only reality was what could be seen and touched. They believed that the soul was not … Read more

Temple Of Zeus vs Parthenon

The Altar of Zeus and The Parthenon are both examples of the architecture of Ancient Greece. The Parthenon is a temple on top of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece while The Altar of Zeus is an altar built on the Apollo Hill in Athens. It was constructed in 466 BC with money from fines imposed … Read more

The Classical Greek Period: 480-323 BCE

The Classical Greek Period (480-323 BCE) was a time of significant progress, particularly in the city-state of Athens. It was marked by major political change, and progressive developments in science and culture. In addition, the unique architecture of this period can be seen today in the ancient temple ruins that stand reminiscent of its extraordinary … Read more

Ancient Olympic Games Essay

It is amazing to think that a sporting event first held in Greece in 776 BC is still being competed in today. When I first began to research this event I thought there had to be huge changes between an event held over two thousand years ago to an event held in the modern World. … Read more

Five Themes Of Geography Greece Essay

Greece, a country built in the early ages, is still here today. Their history is phenomenal and some of the Ruins, ancient architectural buildings, from around 350 B. C. are still there! Greece fought for their independence from 1821-1829 and finally gained it in 1829 from the Ottoman Empire, or today known as Turkey. They … Read more