The Nazi Olympics

The Olympics were first held in Berlin in 1936, and they were a propaganda tool for the Nazi regime. The games were used to showcase the supposed superiority of the Aryan race, and to promote the idea of German expansionism. Hitler himself attended the opening ceremony, sitting in the VIP box with other high-ranking Nazi … Read more

Olympic Core Values

Despite people’s expectation of the Olympics to be inspirational and positively influential, the Olympics does not promote core values because of unethical activities both inside and outside games and economical conspiracy of related parties. First, main causes that damage the Olympics’ core purpose of giving people hope and inspiration are unethical activities. Increasing numbers and … Read more

Ancient Olympic Games Essay

It is amazing to think that a sporting event first held in Greece in 776 BC is still being competed in today. When I first began to research this event I thought there had to be huge changes between an event held over two thousand years ago to an event held in the modern World. … Read more