The Nazi Olympics

The Olympics were first held in Berlin in 1936, and they were a propaganda tool for the Nazi regime. The games were used to showcase the supposed superiority of the Aryan race, and to promote the idea of German expansionism. Hitler himself attended the opening ceremony, sitting in the VIP box with other high-ranking Nazi … Read more

Holocaust Dbq

The Holocaust refers to the systematic state-sponsored extermination of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany in occupied Europe. The Holocaust took place in stages, starting with vile acts of verbal and physical abuse, followed by stepped up legal discrimination, including stripping Jews of their civil rights, restricting their travel options, destroying their property, culminating in … Read more

Night Figurative Language

When you read, do you ever felt like there is a recording playing in your head, telling the story to you? Have you ever noticed that each writer has a “voice” that is completely their own? Why do all of the great authors have a “sound” exclusive to themselves? Using precise wording and distinctive phrases, … Read more

Otto Frank Totalitarianism

Humanitarianism; is a moral of kindness, benevolence, and sympathy extended to all human beings. Humanitarianism has been an evolving concept historically but universality is a common theme in its evolution. No distinction is to be made on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, race, caste, age, religion, ability, or nationality. Anne Frank’s Diary should be … Read more

The Nuremberg Trial Analysis

The aim for this paper is to elaborate on what characterizes the Nuremberg Trials and the importance of the trial to international criminal justice. To understand what the Nuremberg Trial entails, I will construe and provide a brief on the crimes prosecuted within the trial. Some of the worst crimes occurred in the early years … Read more

Benito Mussolini Neorealism Essay

Following the downfall of Benito Mussolini’s fascist rule and the devastation of the Second World War, the nation of Italy saw the origination of a cinematic movement known as neorealism. Regarded as “one of the most innovative and important movements” in Italy’s collection of art (Schiavo 107), neorealism began in 1945 and continued through 1952, … Read more

Nazi Propaganda

In the past, people’s hatred toward other people has shown its effect in many different ways. For instance the Rwanda Genocide,. dDuring April 7, 1994 – July 1994, 800,000, Tutsi ethnic minority was killed by the Hutu ethnic majority. Hutu extremists made anti-Tutsi propaganda implying that marrying, doing business, or being friends with the Tutsi … Read more

Utilitarianism In Nazi Germany Analysis Essay

Upon examination, the dissectioning of the philosophical spectra of Nazi Germany during the Second World War holds fundamental discrepancy of core beliefs in the ruling of the social construct. With specification, the rise in German Nazism posed challenges in keeping previously enlightened philosophical prospects; the idea of a superior race scrutinizes the condemning of the … Read more

Henrietta Lacks Essay

A hefty payment in the name of science Topic: What is the duty of a medical doctor/researcher to inform his/her subjects on the implications of their medical consent? Historically, how does social justice play a role in this relationship? Are doctors allowed to act unethically if their immoral research and inhumane actions are for the … Read more

Book Thief Film Analysis Essay

Whilst the hardship and apprehension of World War II, this heart-warming and melodramatic film has an influential message anticipated to the audience demonstrate the assorted themes. The book thief, a film situated on a true story directed by Brian Percival and was released to the public, January the 9th 2014. The book thief is definitely … Read more