Book Thief Film Analysis Essay

Whilst the hardship and apprehension of World War II, this heart-warming and melodramatic film has an influential message anticipated to the audience demonstrate the assorted themes. The book thief, a film situated on a true story directed by Brian Percival and was released to the public, January the 9th 2014. The book thief is definitely and educational, emotional and heart string tugger as abandonment, survivors guilt, dehumanisation, thievery and forshadowment are shown through the powerful complexity of the book thief film. The book thief is definitely a memorable and dramatic film, which should capture the attention of most audiences.

In 1938, during war time a young orphan lisle Meminger (Sophie Nelisse) arrives at the home of her new foster parents, Hans Huberman (Geoffrey rush) and Rosa Huberman (Emily Watson). What Hans Huberman figures Liesel cannot read, he teaches Liesel the wonders of the written language. Liesel grows a strong passion for reading books, her passion was so strong she rescued a Jewish book from the Nazi bonfire book burning. In the film meets a boy by the name of Rudy Steiner (Nico Liersch) and form a strong bond as friends, spending majority of their time together during, before and after school hours.

A Liesel’s family start to scrape the ground for money their situation becomes even more precautious when they secretly shelter a Jewish boy Max Vandenberg (Ben Schetzer) whose father means well Hauns’ life. Liesel Meminger, the adopted daughter of Hans Huberman and Rosa Huberman, builds an extremely strong bond almost a brother and sister relationship. This connection starts when max Vandenberg shows up at the Huberman’s door step in the dead of the night. Both Liesel and max relate as the both are from Jewish backgrounds and are hiding from the Nazi troops, working for the Adolf Hitler.

Max Vandenberg is soon forced to live in the icy cold of the Huberman’s basement as Nazis are running house checks to find the hiding Jewish population, whilst in the basement he notices to vocabulary that Liesel has been writing on the walls and finds a passion to help lisle with the literature side of her education as he can’t go outside she has to describe the surroundings in complex detail to decipher the image. Max soon notices that he will only put the Huberman’s and Liesel into danger if he remains in their house so he decides to leave risking his survival and breaking Liesel heart to see her almost rother leave her knowing there is a chance he could be killed.

Liesel learns throughout the course of the book thief film that the words hold a remarkable influence to compel people to commit to acts of such cruelty. At the of nine, Liesel is ILLITERATE, and the first book she had ever learnt to read was a manual about grave digging from when her brother passed away. Liesel learns to read bring her closer to the grand scheme of hitter’s propaganda and that the roots of his power and the reason why her mother, father and younger brother are dead.

The book thief film displays the use of hitters brainwashes Germany and Nazi’s, you get to observe the conquering speeches and rally’s to brain wash the people minus a young girl whom is starting to understand the power of words and has a further compassion and love for reading. Reading brings young Liesel great joy and entertainment throughout the film, yet max Vandenberg is on his way to the Jewish concentration camp with a crowd of other Jewish people. Once she finishes her book this last sentence reveals Liesel’s recognition of the manipulative power of words and indicates her attempt to master the art of writing for a compassionate use.