Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Drearier enough it all began with a choice to chose what was to be read this summer. Many book to select from, yet one with a magical tone to it caught my eye, Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. Reading it gave a 2nd person point of view, interchanging with Dr. Frankenstein and his creation. I read it as if it were to express feelings of the characters within the book. The characters showed compassion and love and yet with anger and rage. Setting the mood Merry Shelley started off with a death to create the feeling of a mysterious story.

Later on to make you think with the speak of Frankensteins on pondering if it were just and lawful to create a human. Than, beginning to unfold the results of creating a monstrous thing and the feelings towards it. With the effects of the words written your mind is set to evil thoughts. With all in irony to later have the monster show compassion and love. The heart of the monster was yearning to share love and to receive love by another female. Finishing with the results with the monster receiving his own utopia.

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