Statement Of Intent In The Film Shawshank Redemption Essay

My statement of intent is to show my understanding about the gym and my beliefs on the mindset that is required to achieve your goals no matter how difficult it is. The style of writing I have used is stream of consciousness. This writing is aimed more for the mature audience to enhance their understanding of the ideas and message that I’m trying to communicate with. The purpose of me going to the gym There are people who go to the gym simply to look good , however, that’s not the reason why I go to the gym even though it’s one of the benefits. At first I thought the purpose was to look and feel good about yourself, I was wrong.

I wasn’t motivated enough. Now the real purpose of me going to the gym was to have fun and reach my goa l. It’s fascinating, I’m obsessed and I love the feeling of pain when I work my muscles. The gym has taught me important things, it needs a whole lot of dedication, motivation and inspiration. Placing your mindset to be successful in achieving is the key and it’s important. “Never, never give up” we just have to keep trying and never stop working for the goals we’ve set. Goal setting is one of the most important aspects of life. Life is of no meaning without a goal.

As I am setting a goal in my life and I’m wanting to accomplish it. “ There is no failure except in no longer trying. ” Elbert Hubbard, this quote has made a huge impact on myself. Explaining that if we give up then we no longer gain anything but if we keep trying there’s hope, no matter how long it will take. If I ended up giving up then life becomes pointless, it’s more desirable to work hard for the goal and never give up. It guides us through to improve our knowledge and makes us feel better because I know that I am trying my best in working towards my goal .

Whenever I work out in the gym it helps me get rid of stress, it’s like a new way of meditating. Putting my music on, focusing on my muscles, getting that nice contraction for each rep. Pushing yourself to the limit, no matter how difficult it is or how much pain you’re going through. You just feel the blood rushing through your veins and your muscles stiffed. The feeling of your muscles exploding is unbelievable. Initially, I hated the pain that emerged the day after, my muscles all sore and exhausted, but as time passed by I got used to it and started loving it.

The pain makes me feel like I have achieved something. It’s not easy achieving a goal, it’s like we’re going through an obstacle, it’s a challenge that requires a whole lot of dedication and determination to be successful. Failure is sometimes the reason why they never continue to accomplish their goals. Most people fear it, some don’t even try because they think there’s a chance of them not succeeding this is why some never achieve. Failure is a gift, it’s the only way to success. Failure is essential as it will give us the motivation to work harder and harder.

It’s the living proof that you’re trying, that you’re doing something to accomplish it and that you’re not giving up . “I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twentysix times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. ” Michael Jordan. This quote has made a huge impact on myself, it makes you stronger and more focused on what you’re trying to achieve. It teaches us what to do next time, it may have not worked out this time but if you keep trying then you’ll accomplish your goal eventually.

The gym doesn’t only serve as a place to train your muscles, it also trains and develops your mentality. You have a decision. You control your body. No one can do it for you. This is why I go to the gym as it has changed my mindset and my viewpoint on life. Going to the gym has taught me to learn from my mistakes and to never give up when chasing my goals. Statement of Intent I am writing and explaining my understanding of the film “Shawshank Redemption”. My target audience is for those people who don’t seem to fully understand on why the director has used symbolism as it has a deep meaning in the film.

Shawshank Redemption Frank Darabont’s film “Shawshank Redemption” is about perseverance, survival and ultimately, hope. Andy Dufresne is an innocent man who was sentenced for life behind bars at Shawshank prison after being falsely accused of the murder of his wife. The symbolism present in the film has made me understand the idea of hope. The director has showed the symbolism of the library when Andy Dufresne wanted the library to be established at Shawshank. The library can be used for refuge and resources for the prisoners and himself. Instead of being locked up behind steel bars and a grey stone wall.

Andy transforms the library into a public one and to show freedom. The prison has Andy’s body, but he will not let it take his mind. Frank Darabont has deepened my understanding of hope by illustrating that the library has a change and a whole new diversion, meaning that there is a bright light filled with imagination out in the world looking looking through the barbed wires. It is explaining to us that hope is a better tomorrow and better present time. The library, it’s like reading a book or listening to music, you are transferred beyond the border of your own little world.

Experiencing the visions of others in all human variations. Andy wants the library to be a use for his inmates as to giving them a chance to get out their bondage and feel free for once. The library represents Tommy, he could’ve been an important witness in Andy’s retrial. Tommy is best described as a book himself, he has the knowledge to set Andy free. Unfortunately, the Warden kills Tommy and disassembles the library, as this affects Andy therefore plans to get his revenge. The library also had the possibility to be lifechanging place and now with it destroyed, Andy learns from its symbolic hope.

It sets off his imagination and sets him free. Frank Darabont has also used the symbolism of the rocks as it represents the spirit of hope. The director has used a mid shot of Andy Dufresne in his cell. We see sculptures next to his window as it covers what he’s trying to hide which is a hammer he owns. Andy is distracted by the doldrums prison of life by the rocks. It gives me an understanding of who Andy is trying to be, as he is continuing his hobby in the sense of normality and controlling his life, whereas his inmates lack of. The rocks have also made me understand the idea of hope through Andy isplaying his polished rocks as it shows the sign of accomplishment, it measures the passage of time.

Andy illustrates that there is hope and fends off depression. The director used a close up panoramic shot of Andy giving Red his rocks. The meaning of it is that he is passing on hope, the “inner light”. Andy Dufresne said that direct quote, explaining that there was always hope at the end. In conclusion, Frank Darabont has displayed a couple of symbols to perfectly make my understanding clear to why it was there in purpose. The rocks and the library has illustrated my understanding of hope in Shawshank Redemption.