Child Nursing Personal Statement Essay

It is both the diversity and challenging elements of a nursing career, as well the opportunity to help and care for vulnerable children, which drives my aspiration to study Child Nursing. The opportunity of meeting inspirational healthcare professionals triggered the recognition that Children’s Nursing would be the ideal career for me as they inspired me to emulate their skill and passion. I thrive on being challenged and believe nursing would suit me as an individual, as it offers rewarding opportunities and experiences that other careers may not. Education has equipped me with a wide range of skills to begin a Child Nursing degree.

In English Literature I have enjoyed the freedom of reading texts, developing my critical thinking and analytical writing skills, which I believe will be imperative when studying at degree level. I have also commenced the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), in which I am researching the controversial topic of abortion. This has allowed me to explore the legislations on the protection of children and their wellbeing through reading a number of medical journals and articles which incidentally has convinced me that a career in child nursing would be a gratifying experience.

My interest in Human Biology derives from my Health and Social Care course, as it has enhanced my understanding of child development and the significance of rapport with patients. Nursing is a challenging career in a variety of ways, but I believe that the rewards of the nursing profession far outweigh the challenges. Raising ? 3000 for a prenatal charity that caters for people who are affected by the fast growing issue of premature births not only broadened my insight into this issue, but deepened my dedication and motivation to pursue Child Nursing.

I attended a clinical skills taster day at St. Georges University Hospital which provided me with a realistic perspective of what the course expectations would be. Taking part in a one week Shadowing Scheme at Queen Mary’s Hospital, I gained first-hand experience with patients and everyday duties of working in a hospital, allowing me to identify both my strengths and areas of development, whilst working in various departments such as Urology, Paediatrics and Cardiology.

I have previously worked in a nursery and youth day care centre which was instrumental in my decision to specialise in a career with children. During my week at the day care centre I was responsible for the children’s health and safety as well as interacting with them on a one to one basis. In February 2016, I will take up the opportunity to shadow healthcare professionals in an Intensive Care Department at St. Georges Hospital, which will further develop my skills and expand my knowledge.

In my role as Deputy Head Girl, I have acquired the vital qualities a professional nurse would need; communication and listening skills, the ability to work in a team and empathy. I have also completed the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, as well as the National Citizen Service, which I believe demonstrates my commitment and perseverance towards making a positive contribution. Whilst completing the National Citizen Service, I volunteered at an Elderly Home, which enhanced my confidence, ability to empathise and my aptitude to work in a professional environment with a range of people.

My long term plan is to travel to Africa in the hope of building a school there, whilst also spending time in a HIV Clinic, providing medication and advice to those in need. My career aspiration is to become a children’s nurse and serve in one of the biggest children’s hospitals in the UK, Great Ormand Street Hospital. I have previously fundraised for the hospital and hope to be given the opportunity to further contribute through my expertise and passion in the future.