Reflection On Korean War Pows Essay

Reflect and Respond
1. As you read the stories about the Korean War POWs, how would you explain the connection between encouragement and success?
In the story they was not receiving any encouragement therefore they gave up on life. Encouraging someone can play an important part in someone’s life and that could lead to success or it either can go in the opposite direction. The connection between the two are you cannot have one without the other.
2. One of the most important ways we connect with others is by lifting them up. As a leader, who or what are you most likely to point people toward during times of crisis? Why?
Personally as a leader I will always point people in a positive direction. For example, my friend is down here at Georgia…

It’s not getting over looked but I wanted to be the one to tell you that I am proud of you and look how you raised us we’re making you proud. Thank you for everything!
Self- Assessment
1. How would you rate yourself as an encourager?
2. Why did you give yourself that score?
I gave myself a 10 because I have watch many people improve after I encourage others to do better on whatever the case may be also I have had many people to tell me I do a great job helping people better themselves.
3. What’s one thing you could do to improve in this area?
Nothing, because I feel that I am good at it.
4. Each time you relate to others, you have a choice to build them up or tear them down. In the analogy of the invisible bucket and dipper, do you tend to pour into others or dip from others buckets? Explain your answer with a personal example.
I pour into their buckets. For example whenever somebody comes to me with an problem and they don’t know how to deal with it and just ready to give up and walk away, my words that I tell them help change their mind set about the situation just as I was explaining in the reflect and respond section question…