Definition Essay On Success

The ultimate measurement of how well you are doing in society is success and what most people strive to look for whatever they are doing big or small. Social Media has played a big part of the spectrum of success, but what does it really mean? Success can be defined as monetary, personal, or perceptive on what it is, and all persons who have a goal, reach out to the longest lengths to obtain the sweet nectar that is success. Very few people in the world can obtain the amount success that media portrays that you have to have.

Pro athletes are the best example of monetary success. Millions of dollars being thrown at people to play a game and have people watch them. They have strived to get to this point however, but the hard work had paid off for them when they signed the check to become one of the richest men or woman in America. Major league baseball players are types of people that are well known around the United States, nine innings, three strikes and you’re out. The top of the mountain and what all players are climbing to get to is, the World Series.

Some players and franchises see success as just reaching the first round of the playoffs, another might see getting the League Championship Series, but the ultimate goal for all teams, announced or not, is the World Series. Monetary success is going out and buying a big yacht and three luxury cars while wearing and Armani suit, and afterwards, flying to your own Private Island, and disappearing for two weeks. Success is something that is earned but never given to anyone but when that person gets to that point of it, the cash will flow.

Personal success is one thing that can warm the heart of that person. When in context personal success means defeating one of your own personal demons like weight loss or getting a job you have been preparing for. The overall meaning is just the simple fact that the littlest accomplishment could make you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment. Personal success is going from the ugly overweight body that you had four months ago and shedding the poundage to be fifteen pounds lighter. Weeks on week’s preparation, getting the proper qualifications and the paper work together and finally getting that job. Little jobs and accomplishments like weight loss are big in the eyes of the person and is the purest definition of personal success.

Social Media and the TV media have made leaps and bounds over the years, and have influenced many people to do many things. The outlets have increased new fads and the way people view success, the perception of success that is portrayed in media can be a combination of personal success and monetary success. The perception of success is that the person has to have a nice car and a fit body. More than just the car and body, the media also has the hoi polli believe that they have to have the newest phones and gadgets or they haven’t succeeded in their lives. The old adage goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and “this could also be translated to say something along the lines of, “Success is in the eye of the media.” The common person has been under the belief and thoughts that if they do not have the nice car or the supposed perfect body, there is no way that they have succeeded.

Success is sweet victory and it rings every time a task is met, big or small, it takes time and is never easy. Success is measured multiple ways, the perception of it will never be the true values of success and will tell people how they are doing in life. The warmest and favorite feeling is the personal success of losing the weight you had been trying to get off for months. Monetary is being rewarded for the accomplishments on the playing field or in your place of business. Regardless of how those people go about their business, success will always be measured in a number of different ways.