Fun Run Experience Research Paper

The National Football League (NFL) Pro-Bowl Fun Run Experience is a fundraiser event to raise money for NFL charities. The fun run would include the following: the kids’ fun run, a Super Fan 5k Fun Run, and the Ultimate Fan 10K Fun Run. This event takes place annually and the day before the Pro Bowl event at the Pro Bowl stadium, that is located in Honolulu, Hawaii. The day includes the fun runs, live music, food, and a meet and greet with three NFL Pro Bowl players. There are additional meet and greet opportunities for individuals that enter the Ultimate Fan 10K Fun Run.

Every participant that enters the race will receive a free t-shirt. The NFL Pro-Bowl Fun Run experience is considered to be an active sports tourism event since it involves people getting active. The target market is all NFL fans, ages five and up. To make money on a charitable fun run, the event will have to be enjoyable for all ages. Nonintentional This event is not considered to be an international experience since it takes place in the United States and most football fans are in the United States. Although, fans from all around the world are welcome to attend.

Since this experience is not international, the price will be a lot cheaper than if it were an international event. Also, since it is not international the marketing cost of this event are lower, as the advertisements would look the same in every state. Plus, wherever the Pro Bowl takes place (usually in Honolulu, Hawaii) minimum preparation of the stadium is needed, unlike other event such as the Olympics. Sport Professionals When creating and setting up this event there definitely needs to be sport professionals involved. The sports professionals will help boost ticket sales and increase sponsor involvement.

The sponsors will find this a great advertising avenue for their products. An important role for this event is that of the event coordinator. Another very important position is that of the marketers, as it would be their job to market the experience. Also, professional athletes will be asked to attend the event for meet and greets. Expenses This event will cost people anywhere from three hundred dollars to six hundred and fifty dollars. The Kid’s Fun Run cost three hundred per child, the Super Fan 5K cost six hundred and fifty dollars per person, and the Ultimate Fan 10K V.

I. P experience where someone who purchases this ticket gets additional meet and greet opportunities someone of the Pro Bowl athletes cost fifteen hundred dollars. Famous bands will be invited to provide entertainment and rally excitement at the event. The bands will be asked to perform for free as this is a charitable event. This provides great exposure for the performers in free publicity and it makes it lively and fun for the participants. The average salary for an event planner is a minimum of one hundred dollars per hour. Event Planner Salary).

Marketers make about seventy-five dollars per hour. (Marketing Manager Salary). Bands and athletes donate their time for advertising and exposure and therefore they will not need to be paid. The cost of the ticket will help pay for cleaning, security crew, marketing, and the remaining income will go towards NFL charities. Advertising will be done through ESPN, social media, at all stadiums during the regular season throughout the year. Advertising through ESPN and all the 32 NFL stadiums will cost around 9 million dollars.

Strategic use of social media fill result in free advertising. This provides great exposure for the corporate sponsors. (2014) Funding and Revenues By inviting sponsors to participate in the event, this is one way the NFL is able to reduce out of pocket expenses so there will be more to give back to charities. Having sponsors keeps costs low and provides an opportunity for free advertisement. Offering shirts at an event is a great way to bring your ticket holders together for the cause and provides a means for sponsors to advertise their companies.

The cost for an average t-shirt is around $3 dollars, by partnering with business sponsors and allowing them to put their business endorsements on the tshirts, the cost is absorbed by the sponsors. Thus, keeping the budget for the event reasonable. Since the NFL will partner with different charities, local companies, and anyone who wants to receive free advertisement at the event, this will help to reduce expenses. By adding this event to the Pro Bowl budget at is placed at the beginning of the year, money can be put away just in case the budget was either too small or too big.

Since tickets cost anywhere from three hundred dollars to fifteen hundred dollars, and food costing anywhere from five dollars to ten dollars, this revenue will pay for the event plus provide money for the NFL charities. Typically, after all the event expenses are covered, a fun run will earn a profit of thirty percent. The remaining seventy percent will go towards covering expenses. This event is estimating about ten thousand guests. About 2,000 children, six thousand adults for the Super Fan 5K and about two thousand for the Ultimate Fan 10K.

With all the tickets sold the revenue will be around $7,300,000 million dollars. Once the twenty percent is taken out which is around $3,260,000 dollars. $4,040,000 will be left to pay employees. After paying the employees, revenue is estimated at around $3,040,000 dollars. Since the NFL got sponsors for the event a lot of the cost are already taken care of so the NFL only had to investment 2,000,000 for their own money. ROI (Gain from investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of investment (2003) (3,040,000 – 2,000,000)/ 2,000,000 = . 50 %