Locke, Mill, and Rousseau

John Locke, John Stuart Mill, and Jean-Jacques Rousseau were all influential philosophers who wrote about the issue of political freedom. For Locke, freedom was the natural state of man and the aim of government was to protect freedom. Mill argued that freedom is essential for human happiness and self-realization, while Rousseau believed that freedom was … Read more

Locke vs Mill

John Locke and John Stuart Mill are two of the most influential political philosophers of all time. Though they had different opinions on a variety of topics, they both had a huge impact on the development of liberal democracies. In this article, we will compare and contrast their thoughts on freedom, democracy, and the role … Read more

John Locke And John Stuart Mill

John Locke and John Stuart Mill were two of the most influential philosophers of their time. Though they shared many similarities, they also had some key differences. Here, we’ll compare and contrast these two great thinkers. Locke was an English philosopher who is considered one of the founders of modern empiricism. He believed that all … Read more

John Locke and John Stuart Mill

This essay compares John Locke and John Stuart Mill’s moral theories. It will be shown how Locke is concerned with the consequences of actions whereas Mill focuses on intentions. First, it will be argued that both make use of rules to determine if an act is right or wrong (1). Furthermore, the significance of consent … Read more

Mill Utilitarianism Essay

Classical economists analyzed the nature of value primarily on the labor theory. Without a clear grasp of the concept of demand, Smith, Malthus and Ricardo often raise confusing and self-contradictory explanations of the definition of “value. ” The utilitarianists, like Jeremy Bentham and J. S. Mill, offered a revolutionary approach to understand the demand-side of … Read more