Anony Anonymous Ethical Issues

The possibility that Anonymous is actually hindering the efforts of the war on ISIS is also present. Firstly, many in Anonymous refuse to work with western governments, like the United States, because as they are combatting ISIS, they are also combatting many actions western governments commit. As there are many sects within Anonymous, however, there … Read more

Easy Corp Case

Easy Corp was awarded a five year contract to provide program office support to a government agency. In the first year of the contract, the enterprise has raised concern with the contracting officer’s representative (COR). Easy Corp has habitually submitted erroneous and often late invoices, as well as late and incomplete management reports. Moreover, both … Read more

Public Video Surveillance In George Orwells Big Brother Essay

Picture a society ruled by a tyrannical, totalitarian government that surveils and knows every move made by its inhabitants with intentions to brainwash, torture, and eliminate anyone that even questions its jurisdiction. This society has been vividly illustrated in George Orwell’s 1984 and is not too far off from what the United States will potentially … Read more