How Did The Monroe Doctrine Affect The Spread Of Western Expansion Essay

Western expansion is one of the defining moments in United States history. The country grew tremendously and the country became the powerhouse it is today. Another moment that is more debatable was the Monroe Doctrine. In 1823, President Monroe published a document that outlined American policy on European involvement in North America. It stated that … Read more

Trail Of Tears Essay

Arguments over land, restrictions, and laws were common between the Cherokee nation and the government of the United States. The events that transpired after Andrew Jacksons Presidency and the Indian policies he put in place have caused Americans to question morality. In an article by Tim Garrison it suggest that the removal of the Cherokees … Read more

Who Is Kit Carson’s Contribution To The Westward Expansion Of America? Essay

Christopher “Kit” Carson was a famous American frontiersmen born in Madison County, Kentucky on December 24th, 1809, who made an important contribution to the expansion of The United States of America. Kit Carson became a legend due to his name associated with several key events in the Westward expansion. Exploration, Encounter, and Exchange, Christopher Carson … Read more