War Of 1812 Dbq Essay

James Madison was pinned down by two choices that could effectively destroy everything that America had built or enhance living conditions and the economy tenfold. James Madison, our 5th US president had to choose whether to wage war against Britain or call for peace. Citizens around the nation had different opinions, and the ideas from each citizen had ranged from creating a peace treaty or running Britain to the ground. At the time, Britain was one of the greatest world powers and was disrespecting America to many lengths.

America needed to be justice for the pent up anger and in response, Madison had called for war, but after the war had ended, many had argued whether or not the war of 1812 had even hurt Britain or changed the economy in America. In the end, the war of 1812 was beneficial to America’s economy and it was worth fighting in order to instill America’s power into the other nations of Europe. The War of 1812 was necessary in order to gain respect from the other nations of Europe to make sure that no other power would not dare to attack again.

In the text it states, “The late war, although reluctantly declared by Congress, had become a necessary resort to assert the rights and independence of the nation. ” (James Madison’s Speech at the End of the War of 1812) Madison believed that the war had asserted the independence of America into Europe. This had scared or even made the nations of Europe think highly of the powers of America for standing up to the world power at the time.

Also according to the article, it states, “Experience has taught us that neither the pacific dispositions of the American people, nor the pacific character of their political institutions, can altogether exempt them from that strife which appears, beyond the ordinary lot of nations, to be incident to the actual period of the world; and the same faithful monitor demonstrates that a certain degree of preparation for war is not only indispensable to avert disasters in the onset, but affords also the best security for the continuance of peace. (James Madison’s Speech at the End of the War of 1812)

Being able to break away from the world power and prove them wrong would benefit America greatly, in order to insure peace for years to come. Madison also believed that other nations were also going to attack America, but in the event of breaking down Britain they had scared off the competition. All things considered, the war of 1812 was even unavoidable, and was the only way to gain respect and gain the recognition America needed. After asserting America’s power into the nations of Europe, we had also came out with a extravagant economy and huge amounts of lands.

In the Gale Encyclopedia of US history, it explains, “Although the war essentially ended in a stalemate, Americans emerged with a strong sense of national pride, a booming economy, and the opening of vast lands on the western frontier to white settlement. ” (Gale Encyclopedia of U. S. History) As said in the text, the vast lands and booming economy was a large plus to defeating the world power at the time. Vast lands had given way for trading, which could effectively boost our already booming economy.

Expanding upon this is the encyclopedia of US history, it details, “Major military victories, like the ones in Baltimore and New Orleans, inspired a sense of national pride and unity. The trade embargoes had stimulated the development of domestic industry, especially in New England. The defeat of Native Americans on the frontier led to a massive pouring of settlers onto the frontier. And in the South, cotton growing expanded at an amazing rate. ” (Gale Encyclopedia of U. S. History) As stated in the text, America was pushed into a golden pedestal and was showered with fruits of their own labor.

Pride in the streets, a boosted cotton economy, the overhanging of the savage Indians, and the now expanding of domestic industry shows the countless benefits of the war of 1812. Looking in the overview, America was blasted into a peaceful age of economy and wealth after the war of 1812. Despite the surplus of evidence that states that the war of 1812 was beneficial, there are still others who claim otherwise. In the Gale Encyclopedia, it entails, “The plight of Native Americans and African-American slaves, on the other hand, worsened. (Gale Encyclopedia of U. S. History: Government and Politics) This article states that at the time, Indians and African Americans were getting into worse predicaments. But in the same article it states, “In the Northeast, industrialization had taken hold. Settlers poured onto the Western frontier in search of opportunity. An increased demand for cotton fed an expanded plantation economy in the South.

At the same time, the defeat of Native Americans on the frontier spelled disaster for many tribes”(Gale Encyclopedia of U. S. History: Government and Politics) The economy rising in the south had helped many of the plantations that produced cotton. In turn for this, the economy could have also helped the slaves have better living conditions, rations, and even maybe able to buy their own freedom. Also, American Indians were wreaking havoc on our settlements, our towns, and our trading ports, so having the Native Americans fear and respect us would be positive for America. Overall, America’s settlements, economy, and livelihood of African Americans had improved for the better.

James Madison had declared war, and in the end, our country reaped its rewards in the form of a booming economy. American pride, and livelihoods. First of all, the War of 1812 was the only solution to Britain’s oppression and to gain respect from the other nations. In addition, it had also expanded the economy of America, trade, and the vast lands of America. Lastly, the War of 1812 had also helped our conditions with African Americans and the Native Americans. The War of 1812 was not only necessary, but it was beneficial to the economy, our nationalism, and the living conditions of many.