Essay about The Indian Removal Act

Question 1 Indian Removal
The Indian Removal Act was the forced relocation of Indian Tribes from their homelands to federal lands further West. The people of the South supported this Act because they wanted to gain the fertile Indian lands.
A type of Indian resistance would be that they attempted to adopt “white” practices, like large farms and even owning slaves. Another type of Indian resistance would be going to war. The First Seminole War, for example, tried fighting against the Americans for their land. They had help from the fugitive slaves that they were harboring.
The Cherokee attempted to write a constitution that declared themselves as a sovereign nation. This was unsuccessful because the Supreme Court ruled against them.


Many were punished for speaking out against the government, which was prohibited as a part of these laws.

Question 10 Virginia and Kentucky Resolution
One reason the Republicans passed the Virginia and Kentucky Resolution was to fight against the Alien and Sedition Acts. This Resolution stated that people had the right to speak out against unconstitutional doings by the government, which the Alien and Sedition Acts prohibited.
A second reason for passing the Resolution was to try and strengthen individual states’ rights. This brought up the topic of nullification alot; if a state found a law unconstitutional, then nullification was the solution to it.
The relevance to the Constitutional debate of the Resolution is because of the fact that it makes it seem as if the nation is not one whole nation, but many separate states. This led many people to wonder whether this Resolution was constitutional or not.

Question 11 Missouri Compromise of…

This helped both the US and Europe, because it prevented anyone from Europe from leaving and establishing land in North America.
This was important to US history because it led to the belief of Manifest Destiny, which is the belief that the US has the right and the power to establish a country out of the entirety of North America. This was significant because it led to many things, such as forced Indian Removal and annexing Texas.

Question 13 Marbury v. Madison
One aspect to this case would be that it was the first one in history to use “judicial review.” This allowed courts to void acts from Congress that they deemed unconstitutional.
A second aspect to this case would be that John Adams appointed many family and friends government jobs with commission, but refused to send out these commissions. William Marbury took it to court, which led to this case.
The importance of Marshal’s ruling in this case is that it led to making the Supreme Court a separate entity from the Executive Branch. It also allowed for the Supreme Court to have just as much power as the Executive…