Trail of Tears

The Spanish were attempting to remove the Native Americans from what is now known as Arizona for years before the arrival of white men in 1540. The English had been searching for fortune in North America since 1540 and would arrive at Stadacona later that same year. Although it initially appeared as if they planned … Read more

Indian Removal Dbq Essay

During the early to mid-1800s, the relationship between Americans and Native Americans became severely strained. Many Americans believed the western land was completely their own through the devastating concept of manifest destiny. Among the people carefully observing this issue were not just people who were supportive of forcefully taking Indian land, but also those who … Read more

Andrew Jackson Legacy Essay

Honorable and infamous, courageous and alarmed, trustworthy and treasonous – one could claim that President Andrew Jackson fills the bill of each category. President Jackson’s legacy is one that is continuously being rewritten and reformed. Andrew Jackson, the man who set forth plans that would normally send men wallowing in fear, became a war hero … Read more

Trail Of Tears Essay

Arguments over land, restrictions, and laws were common between the Cherokee nation and the government of the United States. The events that transpired after Andrew Jacksons Presidency and the Indian policies he put in place have caused Americans to question morality. In an article by Tim Garrison it suggest that the removal of the Cherokees … Read more