Nancy Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist is one of the most well-known novels by Charles Dickens. The story follows Oliver, a young orphan, as he goes through a series of adventures in London. One of the most important characters in the novel is Nancy, a young woman who works as a prostitute.

Nancy is first introduced in the novel when Oliver is taken to Fagin’s house by the Artful Dodger. At first, Nancy seems like a cold and heartless person. However, it soon becomes clear that she is actually a very kind and caring person. Nancy takes Oliver under her wing and protect him from Fagin and his gang.

It’s often thought that those with more money should help those who have less, and there are many ways to do this like lending them money or opening charities. The thing is that we’re all human beings and deserve the same amount of respect regardless of our socioeconomic status.

Nancy meets Mr Brownlow and Rose on the bridge at dark, she has a bad feeling that someone is following her, but she knows that she must carry on and complete her task, which is to help Oliver. Nancy is very brave for doing this even though she knows that her life could be in danger and she is sticking her neck out for Oliver, this shows how much she cares about Oliver and she just wants him to have a better life.

Oliver is happy when he sees Nancy because he knows that she will help him, Oliver has been through a lot in his life and he needs someone to trust and care for him, which Nancy does.

Nancy is a very caring person and she wants to help Oliver because she can see that he has had a tough life and she wants to make it better for him. Nancy is also very brave because she knows that she could be putting her own life in danger by helping Oliver but she does it anyway because she cares about him. Oliver is very lucky to have someone like Nancy in his life who cares about him and is willing to help him.

Nancy is aware that someone is stalking her because she can sense their presence. With the statement, “But I have such a fear and dread upon me tonight that I can hardly stand,” Nancy demonstrates how frightened she is of the situation–it seems clear something bad might happen.

Nancy is a very compassionate person as she takes Oliver in, even though he is a stranger. Nancy does not have a lot of power in her life because she is being controlled by Bill Sikes. Even though Oliver is a stranger, Nancy still has more compassion for Oliver than Bill Sikes. This shows that Nancy is a caring person.

Nancy also shows great courage when she stands up to Bill Sikes and tells him that she will not help him anymore with his crimes. In the novel, Nancy says to Bill “It’s blood money…I won’t have it”. By Nancy saying this, it shows that she is no longer going to help Bill with his crimes even though he threatens her.

Nancy spoke of a terrible premonition she had: “I wish I didn’t have these visions. All day long, I’ve been seeing shrouds stained with blood, and feeling like I’m on fire.” This quotation demonstrates that Nancy could sense her future and what was going to transpire.

Nancy also has a dream in which Oliver is covered in blood. This could be interpreted as Nancy having a vision of Oliver’s death. Nancy is also extremely afraid of Bill Sikes, which is shown when she says “I can’t bear it anymore…I shall die if I hear that name again!”. Nancy is so petrified of Bill that the fear is slowly killing her.

Nancy plays a huge role in Oliver’s life, and ultimately his survival. If it wasn’t for Nancy, Oliver would have been killed by Bill Sikes. Nancy was selfless and truly cared for Oliver, even though she knew the consequences would be dire. Unfortunately, Nancy paid the ultimate price for her kindness. Nancy was killed by Bill Sikes, in a tragic and violent manner. Nancy’s death is one of the most heart-wrenching moments in Oliver Twist, and truly shows the cruelty of Bill Sikes.

This made him seethe with anger and desire for revenge. Nancy was quiet and sleeping, unaware that Sikes had a bat in his hand. He approached her and hit her with the bat around 15 times; she was crying pleadingly and begging forgiveness.

Finally, she realized her time had come: she steadily raised her white handkerchief (given to her by Mr Brownlow as a reward at his home when she came to visit), signalling  to “give up”. But the out-of-control Sikes struck her again, finally killing her. Blood was everywhere it looked like someone was being slaughtered.

Oliver was petrified, he had never seen anything like this in his life. Sikes then left the building and went to look for Oliver. Oliver had ran away when Nancy was being killed, he had no idea where to go or what to do but he knew that if Sikes found him, he would be next.

Oliver Twist is a novel written by Charles Dickens in 1837. The novel tells the story of an orphan boy, Oliver Twist, who endures a lot of hardships and abuse. Nancy is one of the characters in the novel who Oliver befriends. Nancy is kind-hearted and helpful, but she is also embroiled in a world of crime.

In my opinion, Nancy did not deserve the beating she received because all she was doing was protecting Oliver. At the time, she was fast asleep and probably happy after confessing to Brownlow, but little did she know about the danger and suffering that lay ahead in her path. I think Nancy cared for Olivera truly good person.

Nancy is a character in Oliver Twist, a novel by Charles Dickens. She is a young woman who works as an prostitute in London. Nancy is kind-hearted and cares deeply for Oliver, a young boy who she helps to escape from the evil gang of criminals he is living with. Despite the risks, Nancy agrees to help Oliver and ultimately pays with her life when she is brutally murdered by the gang’s leader, Bill Sykes.

She was kind and calm. I think she did have a heart, because she had the courage to go to Brownlow and tell him everything, even though she knew that she was being followed and Oliver would have a better life if he stayed with the good people.

Nancy also had a temper, and when Oliver was kidnapped she went to Fagin’s house and smashed everything. I don’t think Nancy was ever really happy, even when she was with Bill Sikes, because she knew that he was a bad person and she didn’t want Oliver to be like him. In the end, Nancy paid for being good, with her life.

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