Legend Marie Lu Summary

Marie Lu is the author of Legend, a book set in a future world where North America has been divided into two nations. The story follows June, a young girl who is determined to find her brother, and Day, a criminal who has been branded as a traitor.

Here are some Marie Lu Legend quotes that will inspire you:

“There is no such thing as luck. There is only opportunity and the willingness to take it.”

“We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us.”

“Some things are worth fighting for.”

“In order to be remembered, we must first be forgotten.”

These Marie Lu Legend quotes are sure to motivate you to achieve your goals and fight for what you believe in.

Marie Lu is the author of Legend, a book about two young people who are fighting against the government. The book is full of Marie’s powerful quotes that will inspire you to fight for what’s right.

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

This quote from Marie Lu is inspiring because it shows that anyone can make a difference in the world if they try hard enough. If you have a goal and are passionate about it, then nothing can stop you from achieving it.

“Don’t let them control your life. Don’t be afraid of them. Stand up to them.”

This quote is another great example of Marie’s message of strength and courage. It’s important to remember that you are in control of your own life, and nobody can make you do anything that you don’t want to. You have the power to stand up for yourself and fight for what’s right.

“Don’t be afraid to lose. Be afraid not to try.”

This is a great quote for anyone who is struggling with making a decision. It encourages you to take risks and not be afraid of failure. Failure is a part of learning and growing, so if you never try, you’ll never know what could have been.

Another illustration of Day’s caring personality was when he broke into the hospital to see June. June was in a coma at that time and Day had no idea if she was going to wake up or not. However, he still decided to break into the hospital so that he could see her. This just goes to show how much Day cares for June. Overall, I think that Day is a great friend and I would love to have him as my best friend.

This quote also shows how caring Day is. He doesn’t seem to care that Tess is a Legend and he could potentially get in trouble because of it. Day cares about Tess as a person, not just as someone who is different than him. This is evident throughout the book when it talks about the way Day interacts with Tess. Another example of this would be when Day gets captured by Commander Jameson but he still tries to protect Tess even though she isn’t able to help him out. Overall, I think that this quote shows how kind-hearted Day is and how much he cares for Tess.”

Marie Lu’s Legend is a captivating read that is sure to keep you entertained from beginning to end. The book tells the story of June, a young girl who is fighting to save her brother and herself from the tyrannical regime of the Republic. With an engaging plot and well-developed characters, Marie Lu has created a work that is both enjoyable and thought-provoking. If you’re looking for an exciting new book to read, be sure to check out Marie Lu’s Legend. You won’t regret it!

Marie Lu is the author of Legend, the first book in a young adult dystopian trilogy set in a future Los Angeles. Born in 1984 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China, Marie Lu came to the United States at the age of twelve. She graduated from the University of Southern California in 2006 and worked in politics for a short time before becoming an author. Legend was published in 2011. The second book in the trilogy, Prodigy, was published in 2013, and the third and final book, Champion, was published in 2014. Marie Lu currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Day came in and saved her from the Skiz fight. After Day rescued June from the Skiz fight, they went back to Eden. There, Day confessed his love for June and she kissed him. The kiss was caught on camera and quickly became a viral video. They were both arrested and brought to trial. June testified against Day and he was found guilty of treason. He was sentenced to execution. June visited him in prison everyday until the day of his execution.

Just before Day was executed, June snuck into his cell and they ran away together. They were on the run for two years while hiding from the Republic. Finally, they were caught and Day was executed right in front of June. This time, she couldn’t save him.

Marie Lu’s Legend is a book about a young girl, June, who falls in love with a boy, Day, who is on trial for treason against the Republic. The Republic is a dystopian society where the government controls everything and citizens are not allowed to question the government. Day is a teenage rebel who has been fighting against the Republic since he was a child. He was born into a family of rebels and his parents were killed when he was younger. June is an average citizen who has never questioned the Republic until she meets Day.

The story follows their love story as they fight against the Republic together and eventually Day is executed. Even though it is a tragedy, their love story is inspiring. Marie Lu’s writing is so beautiful that you can’t help but feel invested in the characters. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a good love story with a bit of action mixed in.

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