Elephant Run Summary

Elephant Run is a story that takes place during World War II. In Elephant Run, you get to know about a boy name Nick who has been living in the tea plantation of Burma with his mom and dad for almost all of his life. The time period is from 1942-1945, which definitely makes Elephant Run a wartime novel because World War II took place during this time. The main characters are Nick, his father Roger, and the Elephant of that book’s title, Lun Tha. Elephant Run is written by Roland Smith. Elephant Run mainly takes place in the country of Burma (which was known as WWII Burma at this point), which lies just north of India on the Bay of Bengal.

Elephant run also has a map in it to help you follow along with where everything is taking place. Elephant run is fiction, but it has many historical elements to make Elephant Run seem like what life could have been like back in World War II in Burma. Elephant run begins in the city of Rangoon when Nick is visiting his dad who works there for government work. One day they go on a walk and Nick sees a young Elephant that has been used as a war Elephant against the Japanese. Then, Nick asks his father if he can take care of Elephant as long as nothing happens to it. But little did they know, something would happen!

The theme for Elephant Run is “Live life to the fullest. ” Elephant run takes place during World War II so many people were dying and fighting in wars like World War II trying to stop Hitler and Japan from conquering many countries including America and Russia and England and France and China. The main character, Nick, lives his life by this quote because he was able to save Elephant’s life with his dad even though they probably didn’t think it would work out too well at first like everything throughout Elephant Run. Elephant Run was a great book to read and Elephant Run is Roland Smith’s first novel.

Elephant run will capture your attention from the first page until the last, Elephant run has many events that keep you on edge just waiting for more because Elephant Run never gets boring. Elephant run may be fiction but there are many historical facts in Elephant Run about World War II which makes it a great fictional story because it has a lot of historical background to it as well as amazing characters, scenes, and other elements that make Elephant Run an amazing book. Elephant run also had one of my favorite quotes from Elephant Run being “Live life to the fullest. “

Elephant run is a very good book with some conflict or suspense because something major happened towards the end of Elephant Run which makes Elephant Run a great book. Elephant run is also an amazing book with likeable characters because Elephant Run has many good characters but Nick, his father Roger, and Lun Tha were the main ones throughout Elephant Run. Elephant run ended well because Elephant Run had a lot of events then Elephant ran away for awhile but then at the end there was something that happened then everyone was happy like the end of every book should be like.

I recommend Elephant run to people who love reading almost any kind of fiction books all around because Elephant run can catch anybody’s attention even if you don’t read too much books! I also recommend this book to anyone who likes learning about history or World War II or just wants an amazing book to read! Elephant run is a book everyone should read and Elephant Run Roland Smith’s debut novel. Elephant Run took place in the country of Burma during World War II. Elephant Run was published by Scholastic Books, which is one of my favorite companies that publishes books like Elephant run.

Elephant Run by Roland Smith is a historical fiction novel that takes place during World War II. On the island of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), fourteen year-old Nick runs away from his boarding school and ends up staying with his father, who works as a plantation manager at Elephant Run. Elephant Run is the nickname for the large rubber plantation where much of Britain’s war effort depends on to survive and reclaim its glory after World War I.

Nick begins assisting his dad and soon gets involved in sabotaging German airfields that are nearby Elephant run along with other locals such as Mr. Silva, an influential man who has helped Elephant Run become profitable since it was first introduced to Ceylon by Lord William Russell many years ago. However, the Germans are not pleased with their airfields being destroyed and threaten to take Elephant Run away from Mr. Silva. Nick then gets involved in espionage when his dad sends him on a mission to Elephant run’s neighbor, Lunghua, which is now under Japanese rule.

There he meets Mei-Mei, a young Chinese girl who has been abused by her auntie since her parents were killed by the Japanese during an uprising in Hong Kong. Nick seeks out Tibbets, an old pilot who currently resides at Elephant Run but was previously stationed at Lunghua as the resident doctor. After returning home through many hardships, Nick gets caught up in action once again after Tibbets convinces Lord William Russell that he needs to go to Elephant run with his men in order to protect the plantation.

Tibbets, Nick, Mr. Silva, and Lord Russell depart Elephant Run only to end up getting delayed by Japanese attacks at every turn. Soon thereafter, Elephant Run falls into Japanese hands along with Mr. Silva’s son who is on leave from military service during all of this turmoil. Will Elephant Run be able to become profitable again? Why does Mr. Silva constantly repeat “All I want is what belongs to me” throughout the book? Who will inherit Elephant Run once it’s put on auction after the war ends?

Anyone interested in historical fiction or World War II should give Elephant Run a read since it provides great insight into what life was like for British citizens while the war raged on. It’s also great at helping the reader submerge themselves in Nick’s world while he tries to navigate through all of Elephant Run’s problems. You can find Elephant Run by Roland Smith anywhere that sells books; however, try Amazon or BookPeople (a local book store) for better prices. Elephant run is appropriate for anyone above the age of ten since it contains some violence and mild language.

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