Bill Gates Renaissance Man

Bill Gates is a Renaissance man, a person who is skilled in multiple fields or has a broad base of knowledge. Renaissance means “rebirth” because it is viewed as a time when art and literature reinvented itself. The Renaissance began in Italy in the late 1400s & began to spread throughout Europe during the 1500s. Bill Gates is an American business magnate, investor, author & philanthropist. Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft Corporation in 1975. Bill was born on October 28th 1955 to William H. Gates II and Mary Maxwell Gates at the University Hospital in Seattle, Washington.

Bill is married to Melinda French since 1994 & Bill has three children: Jennifer Katharine (who has a foundation called the Jennifer Foundation for Global Health), Rory John (has a foundation called Pivotal Ventures) & Phoebe Adele (a musician known as Piphoni). Bill’s father was a prominent lawyer & Bill started his first software company with his friend Paul Allen from Lakeside School when he was only 20 years old. Bill graduated from Lakeside High School in 1973 & went on to study at Harvard, where Bill met his future business partner Paul Allen.

Bill dropped out of college when he thought he could learn more about computers by developing software for companies than through an education Bill’s first operating system was called QDOS that he created with a man named Tim Paterson. Bill then started Microsoft with Paul Allen & the company’s first product was MS-DOS for IBM PCs & it became immensely popular. Bill took Microsoft public just four years after co-founding it & Bill became one of the wealthiest people in the world.

Bill Gates is also known as a philanthropist because Bill believes strongly that those who have prospered have a responsibility to give back to society. Bill believes that through giving, more can be achieved & Bill has helped to improve the lives of over 1 billion people around the world. Bill’s foundation is called Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) & Bill was appointed as the first UN Messenger of Peace for Malaria in 2007 Bill said “I am optimistic about our ability to make substantial progress against this terrible disease.

Bill contributed $24 million of his personal funds towards polio eradication efforts, bringing total contributions from BMGF to $1. 73 billion through 2014. In 2013 Bill announced a new philanthropic effort specifically aimed at encouraging innovation in education, with a view toward dramatically improving educational outcomes in America’s high poverty communities within five years. Bill Gates is a renaissance man because Bill has a large amount of knowledge & Bill is skilled in multiple areas.

Bill Gates was born with name Bill Gates, he dropped out of Harvard to start Microsoft & Bill became one of the wealthiest people ever by creating Microsoft. Bill is married to Melinda French & Bill has three children: Jennifer Katharine (who has a foundation called the Jennifer Foundation for Global Health), Rory John (has a foundation called Pivotal Ventures) & Phoebe Adele (a musician known as Piphoni). Bill also co-founded BMGF that contributes money towards polio eradication efforts as well as other causes such as poverty around the world.

Bill Gates is an icon of modern society. Bill Gates is known for being the primary founder and leader of Microsoft Corporation, which is the world’s largest PC software company, and he has been ranked consistently in Forbes list of top wealthiest people in the world. Bill Gates’ wealth is estimated to have exceeded $78 billion US dollars by 2013. Bill Gates is also known for his Bill & Melinda Foundation which has donated over $28 billion to numerous charities since 1994.

Bill Gate’s technological, business and philanthropic work comprises of efforts that can be categorized as both modern-day entrepreneurialism and altruism combined into one person. Bill Gates has been the major driving force behind the enormous personal computer industry shift toward software development in recent years. Bill Gates’ achievements make him one of the most successful people in American history; regardless of all his wealth, fame or foundation activities, Bill Gates was recently quoted saying he would trade them all if it meant an end to polio.

“We are in the middle of a dramatic improvement in our technology. Bill Gates, who could still retire to an island paradise if he gives up his Microsoft stock now, is determined to make sure that the world benefits from computers rather than fears them. ” Bill Gates is one of the most well-known people on this planet today. He has been called, “A modern day Renaissance man” for good reason. Bill Gates is both blessed with intelligence and loves technology just as much as any man could be expected to love it. Bill started off slowly, making millions before Bill Gates became Bill Gates .

As time progressed, Bill has become more well-known for not only being clever but being kind enough to share his gifts with all those around the World. Bill Gates is not only extremely intelligent but Bill Gates is also very well rounded. Bill has done a few things in Bill’s life that most people can’t even imagine doing in their lifetime, let alone doing them and still having time to work on the Bill Gates empire. Bill Gates, born William Henry Gates III on October 28th, 1955 in Seattle , Washington was destined for greatness from the start.

Bill was an active child who loved sports just as much as Bill loved his schoolwork. Bill was always top of his class because he just loves learning new things. In fact, it seemed that if there wasn’t something that Bill already knew about or could figure out better than anyone else then Bill just wouldn’t give up until Bill could do it! Bill Gates: Bill got his first taste of Bill’s future Bill Gates empire when Bill and Bill’s friend Paul Allen started a company called Traf-O-Data .

It was the company that would benefit from Bill’s love of technology by making machines that could read traffic data tapes for cities. In fact, Bill also loved playing with the new time on Bill’s hands after Bill dropped out of Harvard in 1975 to focus more fully on Bill Gates’ work. At the age of 20, Bill was already rich enough to retire but instead decided to devote all of Bill’s efforts towards this new business start up. Although it only lasted a short while before going bankrupt, its true purpose had been served. This had given Bill a very simple idea which was beginning Bill’s Bill Gates empire.

Bill and Paul then founded a company that would eventually become the world wide web we know today: Microsoft . Bill had come up with the idea for Bill’s first software program, “Traf-o-Data” which was used to read traffic data tapes from cities. The machine made it faster and easier for Bill to do Bill’s job at the time as a computer consultant for companies such as TRW Inc. In fact, Bill even saw an opportunity to use this new technology in many other ways outside of just helping people read traffic tapes. This gave Bill Gates an idea that would shape Bill’s future into what it is today.

Bill Gates is a modern-day Renaissance man. Bill Gate’s net worth of $78 billion derives from his work with Microsoft, but Bill Gates’ education and interests have also had a major impact on the world around us. Bill Gates has been recognized as one of the most influential people in technology during the last decade according to Time Magazine as well as being credited as responsible for sparking some major shifts in society such as increasing foreign investments into India through software exports and introducing computing to developing countries.

Bill Gates also sets aside a portion of his money every year to create foundations focused on eradicating common diseases in poorer areas or helping international development. Bill gate’s first computer was a gift from his parents when he was only 13 years old – During this time, Bill Gates was also beginning his college career at Harvard and found that he could use the computer to help with his studies. Bill Gates has since gone on to become one of the world’s most influential people and is an example of what a good education can achieve.

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