Bill Gates Accomplishments Essay

“Life is not fair; get used to it. “(libraryeb. com). This is a quote most people have heard of, but no one has taken it seriously even for the time an unfair situation happens to them. Bill Gates, the richest man on Earth whose net worth is 84. 9 Billion Dollars, was a person who overcame many challenges and difficulties(gatesnotes,com). He is the founder of the biggest software company in the world, Microsoft, and is one of the biggest tech tyrants in the world. He is also one of the biggest donators in the world, in which he donated an enormous ton of money of about 28 Billion(gatesnotes. m). Bill Gates was a man who overcame difficulties in life, but overcame them and got used to it, and this is all about the richest man in the whole entire world. Bill Gates early life was not very dramatic and serious, but still was surprising and interesting.

On October 28, 1955 a new tech inspiration was born, and his name was William Henry Gates II (Carter). He was born in Seattle, Washington and was the oldest of 3 siblings his family had (Carter). His mom, Mary Gates, was a University of Washington Regent, while his dad, Bill Gates Sr. was a law attorney (Carter). Bill was not a prodigy at his time for instead of all A’s his grades in Elementary School were B’s and C’s, but still passed to go to middle school (Carter). In Elementary School, he was very mischievous, stubborn, and rebellious for he wasn’t interested in school (Carter). His parents then sent Bill to Lakeside School, which was a place where a lot of smart but mischievous kids went, and this is where Bill Gates started his legacy (Manes and Andrews 15).

He was introduced to his first computer at Lakeside School which was called the PDP 10 made by General Electric (Manes and Andrews 16). His first program was a Tic Tac Toe Game which he made when he was 13 (Manes and Andrews 17). Outside of school Bill didn’t like sports and preferred Boy Scouts more (Carter). Some other things Bill did was he loved to read, in fact he read the whole World Book Encyclopedia at Age 7-8, he liked to ski, and was very competitive in card/board games with his family members (Carter).

As Bill got older and was becoming a better programmer, his grades went up and had straight A’s in 9th grade (Manes and Andrews 20). He was accepted in to Harvard University with an SAT Score of 1590/1600 and an ACT Score of 35/36 (Carter). He started to Play Poker there in which he became obsessed with and played in all day tournaments (Carter). Bill, was slowly starting to invent Microsoft, and when he was ready to go into business, he dropped out of Harvard and started Microsoft on April 4th 1975 (Manes and Andrews 92).

At 19 he was a very young CEO, but was partially successful in his rookie year for he sold software chips with other companies which were big at that time(Manes and Andrews 104). By 1978, on just Bill Gates 3rd year, he had a net worth of $300,000 and Microsoft’s Sales reached $1,000,000 (Manes and Andrews 108). This was the beginning of a new technology sensation! In 1985 Gates made a decision, in which he would not export as much chips to other companies he used to, and would make chips for Microsoft which would be to the public(Manes and Andrews 120).

This turned out to be a great decision because ever since then Microsoft’s sales sky rocketed(Manes and Andrews 121). Since he was the founder of one of the biggest companies in the world, he had a very big impact on the world (gatesnotes. com). Without him, there would be no software in the world because he started the whole knew subject of oftware(“Personal Life”). We would have no software engineers or programmers, and our computers would be just a black screen(“Personal Life”).

We wouldn’t have Windows, which is used by 1. billion people, and would also have no Office, in which is used by 1. 2 billion people(gatesnotes. com). Office is built in the Windows Softwares, and it includes Microsoft Word (Without it, we can’t type on computers/ have a typing software ), Microsoft Excel ( A sensational graphic organizer sheet ), Microsoft Powerpoint ( Without this, we wouldn’t have electronic presentations with animations), Microsoft OneNote A Drawing Electronic Tool which you can collaborate with others ), and Microsoft OneDrive ( The storage cloud for all these sensational products)(gatesnotes. om). Bill Gates also inspired a handful of programmers, and made sure there was a computer in every home(“Personal Life”).

Bill Gates has also had many achievements/milestones in life which is, he invented Microsoft ( his biggest accomplishment ), he became the world’s youngest billionaire at age 31, he started the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (a supreme and one of the biggest donation charities in the world), he became the richest an in the world and still is with 84. 9 Billion Dollars, and had eradicated the Polio Disease 5. Billion Dollars (gatesnotes. com). The polio disease was a disease in which Bill Gates was very affectionate to, and has a duty and opportunity to get rid of it, so the millions of people cannot suffer from the disease and poor families can vaccinate their child for free, so their child doesn’t suffer from Polio (“The Untold Life Story”). Other small achievements included, when he first used his computer, when his first product was released, and when the Xbox was released (gatesnotes. om).

As I said before, Bill Gates faced a large amount of challenges, in which he had disagreements and lawsuits from the MITS Company, his parents were unhappy because he was a dropout from college, the media and pessimistic people who stressed gates, and lastly he had to deliver products fast to customers which came to the fear of delays (Manes and Andrews 120). He overcame all these difficulties, some with ease and others took time, but without learning from these challenges, he wouldn’t be where he is now.

Lastly, for his tremendous hardworking skills Bill Gates earned everal awards which were the Lasker Bloomberg Award, Silver Buffalo Award, Bambi Millennium Award, National Medal of Technology and Innovation, Bower Award for Business Leadership, Padma Bushan, and Presidential Medal of Freedom Award (“The Untold Life Story”). Apart from all his business life, Bill Gates also has a regular life and family just like any normal person! Bill Gates has a wife, Melinda Gates ( Melinda French), and he also has 3 kids, Jennifer Gates, Roy Gates, and Phoebe Gates (“Bill Gates”).

Bill Gates married in 1992 to Melinda Gates (“Bill Gates”). His lives in the city of Medina WA, in a house worth 125 Million Dollars (“Personal Life”). Bill Gates currently earns about a $100 a second in which he earns about 3-4 Billion Dollars a year from Microsoft (“Personal Life”). His overall salary lies between 10-20 Billion Dollars because there is no exact number and his salary changes every year (“Personal Life”). Bill has a supreme interest in Art/History, and bought a 32. 6 Million Dollar Notebook from the great 16th Century artist, Leonardo Da Vinci (“Personal Life”).

He also wants to learn another language, and if e hadn’t invented Microsoft he would have been an Artificial Intelligence Engineer (“Spare Time”). Gates hobbies include mostly active hobbies which are waterskiing, playing tennis, and watching tennis tournaments (“Spare Time”). Lastly, Bill Gates is not only one supreme software king, but also an expert in philanthropy (gatesnotes. com).

Here is all of the Donations Mr. Gates has done in his whole life: He donated 20 million dollars to help vitamins in Botswana, 25 million dollars to prevent AIDS in Nigeria, 51. 2 million dollars to public High Schools in N. Y, 3 illion dollars to prevent AIDS in South Africa, 20 million dollars to the Seattle Public Library, 20 million dollars to M. I. T, 50 million dollars to prevent AIDS in the world, 20 million dollars to John Hopkins University. 750 million dollars in school funds, 900 million dollars to get rid of tuberculosis, 1 billion dollars in scholarships, and finally 5. 5 billion dollars to eradicate polio (“Bill Gates”). This is all about Bill Gates’ Adult/Personal Life. Bill Gates was a man who most people know as the richest person in the world and the founder of Microsoft, but he is uch more than that.

He overcame a lot of challenges in which regular people would not face as much (Manes and Andrews 119). He also had a huge impact in the world, and that without him, a majority of the people would not live in the comfort they are living in and are maybe they wouldn’t even have their jobs (“Personal Life”). It was all this man, William Henry Gates III, who decided to start this remarkable company and wanted to change the whole Earth. And he lived by and quotes this saying – ” Life is unfair; get used to it. ” (libraryeb. com).