Drum Major Accomplishments Essay

Being the Drum Major of a marching band is an incredible honor. This statement is particularly true for the Dunmore High School marching band. The DHSMB is renowned for having an amazing band, led by amazing Drum Majors. To be a Drum Major, one must possess a tremendous amount of skill and abilities that extend beyond playing an instrument. Some of these skills include: being a skilled musician, an innovative leader, and an effective motivator. I, Nico Summa, am the best choice for Drum Major for the 2016/2017 school year because I possess all of these astounding qualities and many more.

As a musician with an exceptional musical talent that can greatly impact the marching band, I am the best candidate for Drum Major. It was not until my freshman year of high school that I realized just how talented I was in the musical field. I discovered that I have a gift that many people do not have. This gift allows me to be able to pick up almost any instrument, and with only a few weeks of practice, I am able to play that instrument at a relatively superior level!

This talent of mine allowed me to qualify for district band and county band, and rank 1st chair on the French horn, 2nd chair on mallets, and 3rd chair on the flute! Having a gift like this can contribute to my success as a Drum Major because my knowledge of different instruments will allow me to guide and help musicians in the band on a broader spectrum. In addition, I am the best choice for Drum Major because I am a diligent and hardworking leader.

Although last year I was not given the position of Drum Major, I was awarded the title of “Low Voice Section Leader. Being named section leader made me feel so honored, and I was ecstatic to be in the position. As a section leader, I truly experienced what it is like to be a leader in a marching band. Although it is difficult, it is definitely rewarding. Throughout the marching band season, people often approached me for advice and help, and I was delighted to be able to assist different people and see how much they improved with my aid and guidance. The final reason I should be named Drum Major is that I am an effective motivator.

One specific situation exemplifies my ability to motivate others. Two years ago, I was able to motivate a fellow band member, Lauren Brown, into playing the French horn with me. At first, Lauren was struggling with the instrument, and after trying for a while, she eventually just decided to give up. However, I would not let that happen! I saw how much potential she had, and I knew that if she tried just a little bit harder, she would be able to play the instrument. Therefore, every sixth period last year, Lauren and I spent the last twenty minutes of lunch practicing.

To some, twenty minutes of practicing only scales and easy songs may seem extremely tedious and annoying, but because of my fun persona, Lauren and I were never bored, and she was able to learn the instrument and become extremely good at it! To this day, Lauren says that she would not be as good as she is now if | did not push her to try and be the best she could be! Like my tactics for motivating Lauren, I will use the same approach to motivate other band members to reach their highest potential. I will use my fun personality to hype up the band, and then guide them on a path of musical excellence.

I am absolutely certain that this approach will work, as it has in the past. From my experience in the band, whenever the level of motivation and ambition of musicians declined, there was always one person who could influence others to be their best. Micole Madrazo. When I first started playing the French horn in marching band, I was always afraid that I would not sound good for field shows and parades. I was also terrified for chair auditions. Because of my inexperience with the French horn, I assumed that I was not as good as other members in the band, and because of this, I allowed myself to believe that I should let other band members o the work while I sit back. Micole eventually foiled my plans and gave me valuable advice. She told me that just because I am not as good as everyone else in the present does not mean that there is no chance that I can be the best. Because of Micole’s words of wisdom, I gave it my all to be the best in the band, and there is no way that I would be a section leader, a district band musician, or be in the top for chair auditions without Micole’s motivation.

As Drum Major, it would be an honor to take on this role and motivate others by being their Micole. In conclusion, I am the best choice for Drum Major for the 2016 / 2017 school year for a plethora of reasons. Not only amla great musician and leader, but I am also an effective motivator. With me in the position of Drum Major, I am absolutely certain that I will be able to lead the Dunmore High School marching band into a prosperous season of excellence, motivation, and greatness.