Louis Armstrong Accomplishments Research Paper

Musicians don’t retire; they stop when there’s no more- Louis Armstrong
He means that the musician doesn’t stop playing the music until he has no more music to play and for a good musician they make songs all the way until they are deceased. Louis Armstrong was an important figure in American history because he is the most influential person of jazz if he didn’t do what he did jazz probably would have went unnoticed and people probably would have turned the other cheek to that genre of music. Born Louis Daniel Armstrong on August 4th 1901 in New Orleans Louisiana in Storyville otherwise known as “The battlefield”. Fathers name was William Armstrong and his mothers name was Mary Albert. He attended Fisk school for Boys. He didn’t always do…

The family is remembered by a foundation named after them that takes donated instruments and puts them in the hands of a eager child. The first person to instruct Louis on how to play the trumpet was Peter Davis. Louis first played in a band for New Orleans home for colored waifs. Peter Davis use to visit the home when the administrator called him he was responsible for disciplining and teaching young louis. Davis made louis the leader of the Home Band and they played all around New Orleans which was the start up of Armstrong’s music career around the age of thirteen. Armstrong was released from the house at the age of 14 Where he went to live with his father but bounced around from house to house then back to the temptations of the streets. The incident that had got him in the home was when he shot a pistol in the air at a parade. The pistol was his fathers. His first dance hall job was at Henry pounce where Black Benny became his protector. Louis played at brass band parades and listened to the older artists like Bunk Johnson, Buddy petit, Kid Ory, and a person who acted as a father figure Joe “King” Oliver. Louis began playing with a band called Fate Marable that played on a steamboat up and down the Mississippi River. Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential artists in the history of music….