Rainforest Essay

There are many types of rainforests, but they are all important to the world.

Rainforests grow on rainforest land which is usually very warm and close to the equator. Rainforests form in places where there is at least 60 inches of rain per year. The rainforests have a lot of rain each year because they are very close to the rain belt.

There are rainforests all around the world. The rainforest closest to where you live might be far away from you, but there is still probably a rainforest somewhere close by. Rainforests are important because they absorb our carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gases. They do this with their trees and plants which take in carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. It is very important that we protect our rainforests so they can continue to help clean our air.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of many Green House Gases (GHGs). GHGs trap heat into the Earth’s atmosphere causing global warming or climate change. Rainforests act as carbon sinks, meaning they absorb carbon dioxide. When rainforests regrow or are replanted they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In rainforest land, there use to be rainforest trees but now rainforest trees grow back and take in carbon dioxide as a result of climate change. Rainforests play an important role in keeping our planet healthy by keeping CO2 levels down.

The rainforests are very important to the world, because they are home to many species of plants and animals.

They also play a role in our carbon dioxide cycle.

The rainforest is home to about half of all living things, or at least 50% of Earth’s species.

Because rainforests make up only about 6% of the total surface area on Earth, this means that rainforest species make up most (50%) of all life-forms on Earth.

The rainforest is known as the “lungs” of the planet because it takes carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and releases oxygen into it; without rainforests then there would be no balance between dioxide and oxygen levels on land.

Because rainforests are home to so many species, rainforest deforestation is an increasing threat to the numbers of plants and animals in rainforest areas. It has been estimated that rainforest destruction may result in the extinction of up to 1/4th of all plant and animal species on Earth within the next 40 years.

The rainforests are very important to the world. One major reason is that the plants in the forest turn carbon dioxide into clean air, which helps us fight pollution. Also, by absorbing carbon dioxide, the rainforests help deter the greenhouse effect. The trees of the rainforest store carbon dioxide in their roots, stems, branches, and leaves. The plants and animals of the rainforest also provide us with food, fuelwood, shelter, jobs, and medicines.

Many people are working to save rainforests because they are so important to Earth’s environment. As well as helping our Earth, rainforests are home to many plants and animals unknown anywhere else on Earth Rainforests come in different types and vary by climate. For example, rainforests in Australia are called “the bush” because of the dry conditions there. Most rainforest plants share a few common features, such as large green leaves and bright, colorful flowers. Many rainforest animals also have unique adaptations (helpful physical characteristics) to help them survive.

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that traps heat within the Earth’s atmosphere. This helps to keep our planet warm enough for life to exist. One of the rainforest’s key functions is to absorb and process carbon dioxide. This helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, as well as reducing global warming. In addition to absorbing carbon dioxide, rainforests also prevent pollution from reaching our waterways by acting as a filter for water that is released into rivers from rainforest land.

The rainforests’ ability to serve this function will be diminished if they continue to fall at a rapid rate. Deforestation has been known to contribute significantly towards global warming and environmental pollution because of the many services which rainforests provide. As rainforests continue to decline in area, there are efforts being taken by governments and conservation groups all over the world, such as the rainforest alliance, to save rainforests from being destroyed.

More rainforest destruction will affect the Earth’s climate by releasing carbon dioxide which cannot be reabsorbed by rainforests; resulting in more pollution. We can help rainforests thrive and prevent deforestation to ensure the rainforests continue to provide services for our world. For example, rainforest protection groups like the Rainforest Alliance are working with companies both big and small to promote sustainable farming practices that do not endanger or kill endangered species or cut down on forests. They also encourage these companies to plant new trees as they cut down old ones (called “reforestation”).

The rainforest alliance website states that it is possible for us to save rainforests without boycotting bananas (a very popular fruit in the US), chocolate, or coffee; simply by buying rainforest alliance certified products. One way to help rainforests thrive is to not buy certain produce, such as uncertified bananas, which are grown on “slash and burn” farms that lead to deforestation. The rainforest alliance website also states that it is possible for us to save rainforests without boycotting bananas (a very popular fruit in the US), chocolate, or coffee; simply by buying rainforest alliance certified products.

By buying rainforest alliance certified produce we can ensure that there will be conservation efforts put into place so rainforests do not becoming extinct. Another way of ensuring rainforests do not become extinct is to take a rainforest vacation. The rainforest vacation industry has been growing over the past decade. In 1993, about 7,000 tourists visited rainforests worldwide. In 2003 there were over 500,000 people visiting rainforests all over the world for one reason or another.

This suggests that their purpose of going was not just sightseeing but they wanted to learn more about the rainforest and help protect it as well. By taking a rainforest vacation we can learn more about rainforests and how to help them from becoming extinct because of deforestation from slash and burn farming. Also by going on these vacations we are encouraging other countries to adopt sustainable rainforest vacation practices. The rainforests are very important to the world because they help with carbon dioxide as well as pollution absorption and water filtration for us as well as other animals and plants on Earth.

Deforestation is occurring at a rapid rate all over the world due to slash and burn farming, logging, etc. , which hurts rainforest functionality by releasing more carbon dioxide into our atmosphere that cannot be absorbed by rainforests again. By learning about rainforest conservation efforts we can ensure rainforests continue to thrive throughout time and not become extinct from deforestation caused by slash and burn farming or logging companies. Also through rainforest vacations we can ensure rainforest sustainability while enjoying one of our planet’s natural wonders.

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