Case Study: Amazon Rainforest Essay

1. Why are the rainforests so important to us? What are some of the valuable resources that they provide us with? The rainforest helps reduces the climate changes worldwide. Also there are a ton of species living in all kinds of rainforests. Some valuable resources there that we all we are the type of plants we use for medicine, we get food there like bananas, we use tress as well, and many more but that’s a few to name.

2. What impact does deforestation have on the rainforests? What are some of the short and long-term consequences that result from the destruction of the rainforests? The impact would be leaving all those species there to die because they don’t know where to go mostly all of can be extinct. There will be a limited amount of carbohydrate, which mean a limit of oxygen for us. There will be trees at all and where are all of us that need air to breath. There will not be no air, no animals on land and us humans if this keeping on going.

3. What is the relationship between climate disruption and deforestation? When we clear out all the tress, plants and animals from a land climate disruption happen which means the ecosytem there is going to change there because there is no life there.

4. Why is the Amazon Rainforest often described as the “lungs of our planet?” The reason is because the plants and tress there are a lot and the carry in carbon ioxide abd we breathe in oxygen. Which would be a good place to live.

5. Identify and discuss three causes of deforestation. Wipping out a forest and turning it into a cleared land. Whichs mean when making new bulding or new neighborhood.

6. What efforts are being made to address deforestation as a serious environmental issue? List at least one example of a group or organization that is involved with this. The R.A.I.N. helped funds a lot of experiments since 1998. They do scenceitific methods and do trail and error so they can make the rainforest a better place. problems such as deforestation, soil erosion, lost wildlife, lost rural livelihoods and poverty in the New World Tropics

7. Discuss the role of environmentalists and also the government (local, national or global) in terms of addressing deforestation. Growing more tress, plants more plants so it can trigger animals to live around the area and improve on the soil so plants can grow more richer. 8. What efforts are being made to protect the rainforests? Think about some ways that you can help save the rainforests, provide some examples. Teaching others how important our rain forest are. Restore the damage we have done the past and by planting more trees and recylcing. Encouraging people to live in a safier environment. Establish more state parks that protect our rainforests and wildlife. Last but no least is to support copanies that do less damage to the environment.

9. Choose one of the world’s rainforests to research and write about your discoveries. Discuss resources that can be found there, animals that live there, cultures that may exist there, and threats to the rainforest. Include any other information that you find interesting. The temperate deciduous forest locations are in the eatern united states, canda, western russia and parts of china and japan. As many seasons in a temperate deciduous forest there are four seasons which are spring, summer, fall and winter. Just as us. In a temerate forest the soil is very fertile. In a temperate forest there are plants, mosses, and fern. As in the tpye of trees there are maple, oak and birtch. The animals in this type of forest has to adapt in cold weather such as the red fox, hawks, woodpecker and cardinals. One of the main threats in a temperate forest is the acid rain because it can harms the animals. humans and the trees.Which mean this could destroy the food chain.

10. In your opinion, do economic factors play a role in contributing to deforestation? Explain your answer. Yes, because if our economy would be mmore strict about our money and our planet mayber would be spending less and also decresing the levels of food chain. We would have more jobs and more wilderness. I meaning we don’t to gwt more land than what we already have like my mother said just get what you nedd and don’t be greedy because that can get you needy. Use complete sentences to define the following terms or phrases in your own words:

11. Deforestation Wipping out a forest and turning it into a cleared land.

12. Forest Management Economic, scienceitific and technicail for the protection of the forest regulation. 13. Logging. Cutting down trees in which it prepares for timber.

14. Monoculture crop Is an agriculture practice of producing or growing crops with a variety of farming systems that they use. 15. Restoration Returing something back to which it belongs to.