Idiocracy Documentary Analysis Essay

The world has been faced with many problems and pollution is one of them. Most people living on earth do not fully understand that polluting the earth comes with a lot if consequences. Imagine waking up in a world where garbage mask the streets. Imagine in a world walking out of your home into knee deep waste of old food, plastic, aluminum wrappers, old furniture, rusty metals, dirty old clothing and hazardous chemicals. As if we were pushing your way through like you are walking in knee high water.

In the movie Idiocracy directed by Mike Judge, it showed how this world could possibly be in the future. The characters Joe and Rita were chosen by the military in year 2005 to do a secret military hibernation experiment. When both Joe and Rita woke up in the year 2505, they discovered the normal IQ of humans had dropped and he was now the brightest person in the world. In the movie one of the major problem that he encountered was garbage pollution.

The garbage was everywhere, high as a mountain and the people didn’t seem to care. Recycling should be obligatory for every human being to prevent the increase of waste, avoid a future world from drowning in garbage, ecological destruction and environmental pollution. If we continue to dump our waste anywhere and have not one care in the world, the overflowing landfill can cause ecological destruction and environmental pollution. Ecological Destruction is the degrading of the environment and resources such as air, water and soil.

America make up 5 percent of the earth’s population and yet consume about 30 percent of its natural resources. So imagine the rest of the world using up the reminder of our natural resources. We all know that we need trees of which is responsible for the air we breathe. But yet we cut them down to make paper, if each person can recycled their paper for one day worth we can save about 75,000 trees. In the movie Idiocracy there was barely any vision of trees seen. However, there was wrappers, paper materials in the garbage spread all over the floor.

In addition the abundance of cars that was driving the streets, giving out carbon dioxide, when it wasn’t even necessary for them to drive, they could have just walk. Billions of plastic material are made year but one percent finds it way in a recycling bin. Which is very dangerous if mammals and birds come across the plastic and ingest it, causing them to choke and die. Then there is the 16 tons of sewage that is dump in the water each day. That sewage contaminates the fresh and salt water and harming animals in the sea.

A single quart of motor oil that is dumped in the trash can also contaminate millions of gallon of water. Environmental pollution is dangerous and growing, it affects the wellbeing of humans, the environment and it is a worldwide concern. Every living organism is affected by this problem not just humans but plants also. Humans are affected physically and economically, this catastrophic event has contributed worldwide to more than half of the diseases we faced in the world today according to the World Health Organization. Just to name a few, diseases like Leukemia, skin cancer, cataracts and sunburn.

The solid waste from environmental pollution can be toxic and very dangerous. Plants suffer from the toxic chemical causing a lot a carbon dioxide which is great for the crops to survive. In the movie Idiocracy there were no sign of crop flourishing anywhere. The plants were waters with a sport drinks called Brawndo, the main ingredients was “electrolytes”, which prevent the plants from springing. If we don’t take care of natural resources like water, we will soon have to resort to chemically fill substances to water our plants.

We are faced with many problems so let try to eliminate the ones we can . We as humans need to take pollution seriously and help take care the that natural resources that are very precious to us. The crisp clean air we breathe, the fresh tasteless water that we drink and this very ground made up of dirt and rocks we stand on. Let us be a part of the solution and not magnify the problem, we can help by recycling to stop environment pollution and ecological destruction. We as human must make the effort to save the world, not just for us but for the future world.