2.2 Explain The Principles Of Relationship Building With Children And Young People Essay

Children: Children need to feel comfortable away from their parents / carers (children look to role models). If an adult is able to communicate in a way the child clearly understands, as well as able to listen to their responses, then the child will feel comfortable and therefore safe. The child will be more confident in participating in school settings when they are around people who make them feel that way.
Young People: Young people are starting to better develop their communication skills but are also developing their sense of individualism as well. Effectively communicating with them makes them feel a sense of self-worth which in turn increases their confidence. Young people are much more likely to turn to those that they feel confident and have a positive relationship with, which is particularly important in…

If we are polite, caring and empathetic, and we keep our promises to each other, then we will have positive feelings about the other person and in turn, better respond to that person.
In order to have positive relationships, each person in that relationship needs to feel comfortable in each other’s company. This comfort initially has to be earned, and can be done so by following some basic principles:
Always be friendly and approachable.
– Children and young people in particular will then feel able to ask anything at any time.
Adapt the way you communicate; dependent upon the situation.
– When communicating with a child; get down to their level, talk slower and use a simpler language (look at the World from their point of view).
– When communicating with a young person; build humour in to the message where possible in order to keep their attention. Respect their opinions – They may question things much more as their personalities are really developing…