Explain The Difficulties Of Supporting Learning Activities Essay

There are a number of problems that may arise when supporting learning activities which could relate to any one of the following: the learners, the learning activities, the learning resources or the learning environment.
In terms of the learners you may find that they are unable to achieve the learning objectives for a
variety of reasons. You may experience bad behaviour amongst the group, from one or more of the children. If bad behaviour occurs the adult must intervene immediately to stop it disrupting the
lesson and to show the child that it is not acceptable. You should always praise positive behaviours using the appropriate reward system for the school, for example house points or aˆ ?making it matter (MIM)aˆTM tokens. By praising good behaviours other children in the group are often encouraged to then behave well to earn your positive attention. If a particular child continues to disrupt the class then
you should follow the schoolaˆTMs behaviour management strategy and as a last resort remove them from the group.
A childaˆTMs own self esteem may prevent them from progressing well with an activity if they think from the outset that they will be unable to do it. They will need a lot of encouragement and reassurance
to get them motivated and it important to praise them…

It is important to ensure that there is enough equipment for all the children involved, and perhaps a spare set for you to demonstrate with. You should check that the equipment is in good working order otherwise it will affect the participation and enjoyment of the task by the children. It is also important to ensure that you know how the equipment works and that it is suitable for the age and ability of children who will be using it. If another adult has set up the equipment for your task it may be worth doing a check before the task starts to avoid potential…