Service Learning Project Reflection Paper

This paper reports a Service Learning Project that was completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Lifecycle Nutrition Course. First the author will give brief information about their victim. Next the author will explain the results of the victim’s three-day meal assessment. Finally, the author closes with a brief summary and synthesis.”
3. Body Paragraph 1 – What, when, where.
My service-learning project was constructed around a 27-year-old male. In the initial consultation he claimed to be in good health with occasional nose bleeds. I also explained to him that this was only a project and if he needs further assistance to seek a professional. He was happy to participate and looking forward to learning from this project.

His calories and macronutrients were good however his micronutrients were his trouble spots. This led me to look at the food group report and that is where I found issues. The only area on that report that was classified as “OK” was his calories.
His main vegetable source came from starchy or “other” vegetables and he consumed no green vegetables. My recommendation was he needed to make sure he consumed the 2 1/2 cups recommended for him. My reasoning was they are extremely high in all vitamins including vitamin K (Russell, 2015). On his nutrient report this was the vitamin he was really under on.
When I did my research on nosebleeds I found one reason could be from a vitamin K deficiency (Johnson, 2014). My victim claimed he does not like them so it is difficult to include in his food selection. I looked into different ways he could add them into his diet and he agreed to try juicing. Overall he is a healthy young man who exercises daily.
The tips he received from this report will benefit him if he utilizes them. I also recommended a multivitamin to make sure he takes in the USDA’s recommendations. I was informed he went to his flight doctor and obtained a chewy Flintstone multivitamin. I was also told the flight doctor applauded my…