How To Fold A Paper Airplane Essay

How to Fold an Advanced Paper Airplane
Knowing how to fold a paper airplane is an easy and cost effective way to impress your friends as well as teaching yourself a new skill in less than ten minutes. These instructions will guide you to creating a paper airplane that is easy to remember and effective at flying.
Note: Folding should take place on a flat surface. Also, you can follow the figures at the bottom of the page step by step for further clarification on how to complete the instructions. The figure numbers correspond to the instruction number.
Materials Needed
• One sheet of paper (printer paper preferred)
• Scissors
• Glue (optional)
• Ruler (optional)
1. Fold the sheet of paper in half vertically and open…

Take the top tip of the paper and fold it down about ? to ? inch above the bottom edge of the paper.
4. Take the top corners and fold them along the center line leaving about ? inch of the previous fold exposed
5. Fold the small upside down triangle upward. This locks the paper in place.
6. Pick up the paper, hold it out in front of you, and fold it in half opposite from your direction. After folding, lie the plane down.
7. From the lying position, fold the top side of the paper towards the bottom leaving about ? inch exposed. Flip the paper over and repeat this step. This creates the wings of the plane. (See Figure 6B for the proper lying position.)
8. Fold each end of the wings up about ? to ? inch. This adds extra stability in flight.
9. Take the pair of scissors and cut two ? inch incisions on the back of each wing and fold these incisions upward. This gives the plane extra stability.
10. Make sure the wings are level and you are done.
• For best flight results, launch the plane in an upward path from a high area such as a balcony where there is little to no wind.
• When launching the plane, let the plane rest in your hand and lightly toss the plane by extending your elbow. Do not pinch the paper.
• Use a ruler to make folding straight lines easier to…