Cat Eye Drop Research Paper

Can We Use Cat Eye Drops for Cats?
Feline eye issues can be extremely complicated to be handled so proper steps should be followed while treating the ailing eyes. Cat eye drops must be applied with proper technique in to your cat’s eyes.
Cat eye issues like pink eyes can be cured easily by the use of cat eye drops. If you are not if you can put eye drops in to your cats eyes made for people? Then the answer is positive that you can surely treat your cats pink eyes with eye drop used by humans. But in case you give a wrong dosage or use the drops which have certain additives can harm your cat’s eyes even more. So you must be cautious about the dosage as well as about the eye drop solution when it comes to your cat’s eye treatment. Or else you…

You might need to wrap her in a towel to stop her scratching. Keep holding her with great care so that she cannot move her body. Hold her head with one hand delicately and smoothly and turn her face upwards.
Before applying the eye drop make sure that the eye area is clean. Wipe the eye area of the cat with cotton fleece ball.
In case you are applying balm, put one hand on top of your feline’s head and hold the upper eyelid of your cat’s eye opened. Hold the tube of balm about a centimetre over the eye of the cat. Keep it at an edge so it is not indicating specifically down onto the eyeball. Be mindful so as not to touch the eye with the eye ball. Put a little bit of balm right in to the eye of the cat. Make your feline close her eye and tenderly back rub the eyelids to scatter the ointment.
If you are applying eye drops, hold your feline’s eye opened in the same way as you did while applying ointment. Hold the eye drop bottle around 2 centimetres over the eye and put one drop and make sure that it falls directly onto the eye.
Let your feline close her eye, and repeat the procedure for the other eye too.
Do whatever it takes not to let your feline rub her eye. Give her a treat once you have wrapped up the…