My Goals In High School Research Paper

Hough. Session 1. Journal
My goals beginning school again at Colorado Christian University are to obtain
my Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration. Getting my Bachelor’s degree is
something I have always desired and hope to one day finally accomplish.
Growing up my family and friends have always been big supporters of education and
even though it has been several years since I attended college I am determined to keep
my motivation and get my degree. For the longest time I found it hard deciding what it
was that I wanted to do, however after being in my current job it helped lead to making
up my mind and deciding what to finish school in. I have discovered that I really enjoy
the medical field and helping others.
A few years ago I had taken a break from my…

Our show was meant to inspire people in their communities
to go out and make a difference whether through kind words, actions, or even a smile.
Along with the shows we did, in each community we stayed we did community service
projects for them whether working in gardens, painting, rebuilding parks and hiking
trails, etcetera. We also visited elementary, middle and high schools teaching them
about our different cultures and teamwork building skills. We travelled to a new city
each week for those six months staying with different host families including cities in
Mexico and Taiwan. During those times the language barrier was tough but I learned to
figure things out and adapt.
This taught me a lot about my own discipline. Through this experience I learned if you
put your mind and motivation in something anything can be possible. If I can live with
others who have different backgrounds and beliefs, travel, try new things, then I can
fulfill my dream in completing school. I can apply the same principles I learned
throughout my journey and remain focused to help stay on track with my school work
and studying. I know that if I stay on a schedule and get what I need too done first,…