Essay on Personal Narrative: Jump Mahad Jump

Once Upon a time there were three happy elves, no sorry sorry this story is not about elf’s. This is about my story so go on and read it.

I Was looking down just to get ready for the enormous plane drop. I was on a plane and I saw nothing but fear I thought I was going to die as soon as I jumped.

When I was going to jump it brought me back my old memories one of them were when I fell of the balcony at my old house it was terrifying experience I had concussion and my head was bleeding.

Sean was behind me screaming “jump Mahad jump” but I was too scared. Miss green our teacher said “Mahad just jump your scaredy cat”. I felt the shivering cold wind on my legs I had really bad Goosebumps. I just didn’t want to jump because I thought I would…

She was going down so fast that the plane gave alert saying “too fast too fast”. So she started to pull up then I felt like we were going to stall. After that the plane gave alert “stalling stalling” when the pilot heard stalling stalling! he woke up.

We were going to jump of the plane Miss Green said “save yourself save yourself” so we all jumped off. the pilot screamed don’t jump don’t jump but it was too late everybody had jumped of except Miss Green. She asked the pilot “why did you say don’t jump because my radar is telling there is a plane underneath us and it will squish us. Miss green started Regretting herself I said miss “help help I’m hanging of the side of the airplane bar” she was surprised that none of us had actually got squished we all were under the plane.

In seconds when we didn’t even realise there was a plane going to hit us.

I screamed “Dad” and I realised it was only a dream. I was in bed sweating my Self out. Dad came and said “are you alright” I said “yes it was only a bad nightmare that I was going to…