Creative Writing: The Helicopter-Personal Narrative Essay

Then another agent walks up with his hand on his earpiece. “There was just an attempt on
Mr. Collins life. But he’s okay.” They all jump into one of the Helicopters and are surprised to
see Oren and Ty inside. Hi fives all around. Rod: “Man Oren I thought you might be in
somebody’s trunk pissin’ on yourself.” At the prison they all look at the surveillance tape of
the attempt on Ben’s life and how brave he was. Ty looks at Rod and tells him, “You taught
him well cousin.” Rod reply, “Damn I didn’t teach him how to bust somebody’s head with a
cafeteria tray though. I just want to see my boy.” They stand outside the prison gates waiting
for Ben when the door finally opens. We see a battered and bruised but stronger Ben Collins
exit the prison. They begin clapping while…

Rod asks him what’s wrong. He tells him that he
is fine but, “What do I do now? Even though falsely, I’ve been imprisoned for securities
fraud—that career is over.” Rod tells him that he’s got a great idea for what we can do then
throws him the keys to his Aston Martin.
One Year Later
A limousine pulls up to a large office building in Downtown New York and a man gets out and
walks into the building. We only see him from the chest down. He gets into the elevator and
pushes floor # 35, the elevator doors open and the man walks to the end of the hall where a
secretary is there and says, “Welcome to the Preparatory Institution Counseling we have you
set up in conference room A. Follow me sir.” Rod and Ben walk into the conference room,
they sit and Rod starts the meeting off. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you Mr. Trump.” We pan
up to see Donald Trump wearing his signature scowl. Ben: “Did you bring the documents we
asked for?” Rod: Alright so lets get right into it, cause it looks like you about to do some
serious time Don. Rod: “Who do you plan to leave in control of your property and assets while
you’re away?” Trunp: “My wife.” Ben and Rod look at each…