Personal Narrative: My Trip To Ambergris Caye, Belize Essay

Ambergris caye, Belize would be our destination. This is Belize’s largest island is not an overdeveloped place to go. We would stay in San Pedro since is the only town located in the island. We would fly an airplane from Seminole,Tx to Ambergris Caye, but we would make a two day stop in la tuna Sinaloa where we will stay at el chapo’s house. For this journey I would take Donald Trump, the main reason why I would take him with me on this trip is because he’s a racist person who has talked a lot of bad things about mexicans including el chapo who I also will take on this trip.

Also I would take Trump so I can borrow just a little bit of money as much as he borrowed from his dad when he had a “hard time” just 1 million, and an airplane. Another person I would take is Joaquin “el chapo” Guzman because even to he’s a dangerous person he seems to be really nice guy and also because I would like to borrow some millions from him too and also to borrow his submarine.

Mike Nelson would be another passenger to this journey, I would take him because he has been racist to me since day one and even to I know he’s playing I would like to make him feel the way I feel when I first came to the US he’s also a very funny guy, who would put the fun into this trip. Mark Flores would be part of this trip because we are not really close to each other but he’s a very nice and funny guy, I would also take him because he seems to need a distraction for what happened to his brother.

Aylin would be the last person I take because we are really close friends and I would need at least someone I know to feel comfortable in that journey. The journey would be in April 26 since is not cold but isn’t very hot either and for me it’s the perfect climate to make a trip. We will take one of Donald’s airplane in Seminole, from there we would fly to Chihuahua city and stop there to eat some aguachiles of course Donald would pay for the food and I would make Mike order the food to make him see that is not that easy.

From there we would fly to La tuna in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, there we would stay for two days at el chapo’s house. The first day I would make Mike go to school all day to make him feel what I feel and I’m almost sure that someone would be rude to him because he’s white. El chapo and Trump would stay at the house will Aylin, Mark and me drop Mike off at the school. When we come back el chapo and Trump got in a fight where el chapo killed Trump by “accident”.

During the time that Mike is at the school we will go ride orses and four wheelers to pass the time. After five hours we would go pick Mike at the school where we will find out that he has been suffering of bullying all day long. The next day we will eat breakfast and then fly to Ambergris, in the way there el chapo would talk about his life and all the fancy stuff on it, and we will ask how he became so powerful. When we arrive there we will stay at villa paraiso hotel, that night we will go to have dinner then walk in the beach and then make a party in the beach that of course el chapo will pay for it.

We will stay at Ambergris Caye for 8 days there we will explore in el chapo’s submarine, and water activities and as many other things we find to do, but we will have to be very careful since Mark and Mike are not very smart people and they don’t have the best ideas. After those eight days we will leave to go to Mexico and I will let each one of the passenger of this journey choose a place where they want to stay a day, after we have go to those five different places we will come back home, and have to give the sad news that Trump die in an accident at the beach and we couldn’t find his body.

Taking a journey with people that you don’t it should be a great experience to learn new things and learn about other places culture. Also you can get to know other people ideas, activities and way of living and taking life, if I would ever make this trip I’m sure that it would be the funniest trip ever because of the people that I’m taking with me. Not being familiar with the people you’re traveling with can be awkward at the beginning but at the end you would learn so many things about those persons that you might have never think about.