Personal Narrative-A Humorous Journey Essay

As I began this journey, I had no idea how many tears would be shed, Pepto Bismol would be consumed, or how many gray hairs would appear. A simple thank you does not seem sufficient enough to express how I feel for the people who have come into my life to share this arduous journey.
To Ronnie and Charles, who I shared the first 8 months of clinical. I thought you were both crazy for making me start on hour one, of day one, but you were right. Thank you.
To Shawn Fox, who took me under her wing; I have enjoyed getting to know you and I will miss our talks on our portable runs.
I want to thank Bobby Mays for sharing his knowledge, and love of learning.
To the two ladies that I had the privilege of sharing Presby Dallas with, Beth and Siprina. I will never forget our comp sessions with Bobby, the “phone a friend” option, and Beth’s advice of “Just say it with confidence, even if it’s wrong.” Once, I was performing a comp session over orbits, and Siprina was focused on the fact that my orbits could have had a little more angle. Her…

To Jim, who lost his fight with cancer last month. I know that you said you would be at my pinning ceremony, but I feel your spirit here.
To my boys, Colton and William, thank you for your understanding when I was too tired to make dinner, or missed a school program or baseball game. I felt guilty for those moments but I had to do something for myself in order to be a better mom.
And finally to my husband, Mark. You never wavered in your confidence in me when I didn’t think I was going to make it. You reminded me of how far I have come, and never let me give up. Mark, thank you for being my anchor and for working tirelessly to support me and the boys emotionally and financially all these years. Now, sugar daddy I look forward to being your sugar…