Personal Narrative: My Roller Coaster Ride Essay

I woke up feeling so excited. Once we got everything we needed, we were out the door and into the car. We left real quick so we could find a parking spot.I couldn’t wait to get there and ride the roller coasters, Mr. Freeze, The Boss, etc., but the one ride that I really wanted to go on was The Batman. The ride looked so awesome. I heard that you go upside down during the ride.
“We’re here,” my dad said as we parked the car. I could already hear the screaming voices of the kids on roller coasters. It was like a thousand tiny hammers hitting the sides of head. They were so loud, I couldn’t hear a single word my dad said to me, and could tell from the look on my brother’s face, he couldn’t hear him too. There was a huge of people waiting at the gate. I thought I was going to be here forever and never get in. I turns out we we’re in line for 30 minutes! When we got to the front, my dad gave a man are tickets….

We went a bunch of rides and the water psk was really cool too, but after we dried up, my dad said that it was just about time to leave. I stopped him while he was talking and asked if we could go on just one more ride. We went back to the roller coasters and stood in line for the Batman. The line was short because Six Flags was closing in about fifteen minutes. We walked up the stairs and buckled ourselves in. The ride started off slow but when we got to the top, It shot down as fast as…