Children’s Functional Health Pattern Assessment

It is important to assess a child’s sleep patterns as part of their overall health assessment. Sleep is vital for physical and mental development in children, and disruptions to sleep can have significant consequences. There are different ways to assess a child’s sleep patterns. One way is to ask the parents or caregivers about the … Read more

Diversity Time Zones

Throughout the study a total of 14 people took part and measured their temperature. This allows for diversity of the time zones along with diversity of ages, all ranging from 16-61. Having a diverse age group and traveling time zone difference will allow for a more accurate outcome in regards to the data. When looking … Read more

School Hacks Persuasive Speech Essay

Like many of you reading this, I am also heading back to school. Whether you are starting another semester at college, the second half of Senior year or going back to finish the eighth grade these school hacks can help us all. Like a wise person once said, “I can’t wait to go back to … Read more