School Hacks Persuasive Speech Essay

Like many of you reading this, I am also heading back to school. Whether you are starting another semester at college, the second half of Senior year or going back to finish the eighth grade these school hacks can help us all. Like a wise person once said, “I can’t wait to go back to school!”… Just kidding no one has ever said that!

Hack #1 – Drink A TON of Coffee.

Since there is no fooling us, we know you stayed up late as you could last night, trying to deny the fact that school was starting in less than 24 hours. So why not be a little smarter this morning and drink your share of caffeine, so you too can be “ready for your day.” If you were one of the few (and ‘few’ is giving you some) that actually went to bed “on time” last night, for the first day back… well that great sleep schedule won’t last you the whole week. Trust me, from my experience it lasts either two to three days then you will be surviving on caffeine like the rest of the hoped up education nation.

Hack #2 – TRY To Be Positive.

I know for many of you this may be asking for more than I could receive, but think of it this way. If you could be positive about one thing — now I’m not saying that one thing has to be going back to school — but one thing like watching YouTube at the end of the day, chilling on your bed with some Netflix after classes, or going back to the sport/gym routine you love, just think of that when you wake up in the morning and it might (just a little) put you in a good mood to get you through the rest of your day at school. Also, think of it this way, you are just one more day closer to summer vacation. Now you only have about 160 days (give or take a few). That’s always something to smile about!

Hack #3 – Be Friendly.

Now remember this might be the first time you are seeing some of your friends, frienemies, nemesis, enemies and teachers for the first time since the new year… SO they might still be in the kick of their new years resolutions… Yes, this means that you have to listen to their “New Year, New Me!” incessant B*LLSH*T for a little while. Don’t be too cruel to tear them down off the shiny new pedestals they have so heroically placed themselves on… but if you absolutely have to then do it with the power of the mighty FORCE. And hey maybe you will make some new friends this way, and that’s always a plus… Right?

Hack #4 – Bring Food With You.

Just because it is a new year it doesn’t mean the disgusting food on your campus has changed. It will still be the same junky food they served you before you went to winter break… Hell, it might even be before winter break started! You and I will never know what it is that they are serving us, you just eat it and hope that it makes you either sick enough to go home, (or if you’re in college) make you sick that your new professors will feel bad for you and let you slide for a while! (JK college kids that SH*T don’t happen).

Hack #5 – Try Not To Cry.

Now we are down to our fifth and finally hack for going back to classes after winter break. Try not to cry. I know your week has been long and painful. Hey you may even be in the middle of your horrible, terrible week back to classes after winter break but, just keep trekking you are almost close to the weekend and just think of the copious amounts of not caring you can achieve over that two-day grace period before it all starts back up again.