Examples Of Conflict Transformation Essay

Key Ideas Conflict Transformation
Chapter 1:
“Conflict transformation is based on two verifiable realities: conflict is normal in human relationships and conflict is a motor change.” (4)
I have understood for a long time that conflict is a normal part of being a human, without conflict there would be no order or balance, but I did not really understand what he meant when he said conflict is a motor change. Is he meaning as a motor change conflict transformation is psychological change in thought. That’s what I think about when I think of a motor change, which would be consistent with his thesis. If conflict transformation is a motor change than we have to start within our own minds and understand the conflict within before we can assess the…

I understand that conflict is a normal part of relationships. Although relationships are sometimes calm and predictable, there are times where events and circumstances can create tensions and insecurity. So a transformational view looks for different ways to understand how these episodes are rooted in the underlying patterns of human relationships? I assume that is how the author is meaning it but I am not so sure.
“Rather than seeing peace as a static ‘end-state’ conflict transformation views peace as a continuously evolving and developing quality of relationship.” (20)
I don’t think I have ever really thought of conflict resolution or transformation in this frame of mind. Before reading this book I thought of conflict resolution as a way to just fix the issue at hand and once it has been fix then it to done and should no longer be brought up or argued about. But this thought kind of contradicts that thinking. It is basically saying that being peaceful or keeping the peace is an on going thing that doesn’t just abruptly…

“Transformation addresses both the episode and the epicenter of conflict” (31)
Episode of conflict, is the VISIBLE expression of a rising conflict, whereas the epicenter is the underlying issue (or pattern) that is seen in each conflict and produces new episode and issues if not addressed.
“…Each perspective has an accompanying view of conflict. Resolution has tended to focus primarily on methods for de-escalating. Transformation involves both de-escalating and engaging conflict, even escalating in pursuit of constructive change.” (31-33)
I didn’t much understand this until I saw this chart, It really put everything into perspective for me.
Conflict Resolution Perspective Conflict Transformation Perspective
The key question How do we end something not desired? How to end something destructive and build something desired?
The focus It is content-centered. It is…