Why Was Babe Ruth Considered A Hero

Many people today associate Babe Ruth with baseball rather than his contributions to society. Babe Ruth, the iconic hero of the early 20th century baseball scene who is often referred to as “the Sultan of Swat”, used his time during the Great Depression to help many less fortunate citizens get through some particularly tough times. … Read more

Personal Narrative-The Team Player

It was 95 degrees, the hottest day of the year so far. In my left ear I hear kids laughing and parents talking about how nervous they are about the game. In my right ear I hear my team, there nervous too but not for the same reason as the parents. As I stare forward … Read more

The Perfect Pitcher In Baseball Essay

In a sport, every position is important and needed in order for the whole team to succeed. Although all positions are crucial, a pitcher may be the most important in baseball. In terms of skills and abilities, the pitcher would be the toughest position to do without on any given day. A strong outfielder could … Read more

Essay about 1919 Black Sox Scandal

The Impact of the 1919 Black Sox Scandal The 1919 Black Sox Scandal is one of the most skeptical topics in Major League Baseball history. The 1919 World Series was battled out between the Chicago White-Sox and the Cincinnati Reds. In fact, this particular match-up was picked to be the most competitive world series yet, … Read more