Qualities Of A Hero Essay

The Miracle Worker is a play by William Gibson about the relationship between Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller. The play is based on true events from Keller’s life and highlights her heroic qualities. Helen Keller was born in 1880 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. When she was 19 months old, she became ill with what doctors believe … Read more

Why Beowulf Is Not A Hero

Beowulf is not a hero. He is actually quite the opposite. First and foremost, Beowulf is known for being extremely arrogant. For example, he boasts about his accomplishments and how he is the strongest and bravest man alive. This type of behavior is not consistent with that of a hero. A true hero would be … Read more

Temptations of Odysseus

The story of Odysseus is one of heroism and adventure. Odysseus faces many challenges during his journey back home to Ithaca, but the most dangerous temptation he faces is that of the Sirens. The Sirens are a group of beautiful women who lure sailors to their death with their singing voices. Odysseus knows that if … Read more

Why Was Babe Ruth Considered A Hero

Many people today associate Babe Ruth with baseball rather than his contributions to society. Babe Ruth, the iconic hero of the early 20th century baseball scene who is often referred to as “the Sultan of Swat”, used his time during the Great Depression to help many less fortunate citizens get through some particularly tough times. … Read more

Odysseus vs Achilles

Odysseus and Achilles are two of the most well known Greek heroes. Odysseus was a Greek king during the Trojan War and hero of Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey”. Odysseus was able to return home after his struggle began in Troy, unlike Achilles who died at Troy during the Trojan War. Odysseus is well known … Read more

Beowulf Compared To Superman

Beowulf, a heroic poem written around 1000 A. D. , tells of Beowulf’s epic battles, his quest to kill monsters and beasts, his friendships with the Geats, and ultimately his descent into death at the hands of a dragon [1]. Beowulf was believed to have been passed down orally for over 300 years before finally … Read more

My Hero Definition

The definition of a hero could be someone who you idolize, someone who does something commendable and significant (either for you personally, the world, or both), someone who affects life in a positive way and is a valuable addition to the world and/or someone who possesses admirable qualities. If any aspect of that definition applies … Read more

Why is Odysseus not a hero?

Odysseus, who is the main character of the book “The Odyssey” written by Homer, would fit the dictionary’s definition of a hero. Odysseus is a Greek warrior who is well known for his intelligence and strong character. However, Odysseus is not a hero in the traditional sense. Odysseus acted out of self-interest when he easily … Read more

How is Oedipus a tragic hero

In the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, Oedipus is a classic tragic hero. According to Aristotle’s definition, Oedipus is a tragic hero because he is a “good man who suffers from a tragic flaw”. Oedipus’ tragic flaw is his arrogance and his belief that he can control his own fate. This leads to his downfall, … Read more