Military Personal Narrative

It was about noon. The sun was high and bright. The air was crisp, clean, and without a breeze. It was about 87 degrees with about 10 % humidity. The city was busy, infact really busy. A lot of people were out and about, taking advantage of the weather after a cold spring. The weather had just began to turn around and today was the warmest it has been all year. It was also a perfect day for opportunity. I walked slowly and steadily. Creating a normal casual look, bringing no attention to myself. After all, that would blow my cover and mess up the perfect opportunity. This could be the only chance that I would have.

I continued down the street carrying a large briefcase. Keeping that slow and steady pace trying extremely hard to look casual. I felt a little trickle of sweat drip down my forehead. I wiped it off with the back of my hand. I didn’t wear sunglasses as it would have been a good choice, however it could have brought suspicion. My senses seemed to over stimulated because of the suspense leading to my coming opportunity. I could hear every movement and noise as people passed me laughing and talking. It immediately brought memories back to me, with it a smile that faded away quickly.

I took a quick glance as I turned toward the biggest building in Chicago the Willis Tower. I jogged quickly across the street to the building, gripping the handle to the briefcase, making sure I wouldn’t drop it. When I finally reached the building. I looked for the entrance that said employs only. I pulled out my card that lets me into the building. I fumbled with it and after 30 seconds I got a hold if it. I slipped the card into the scanner, the door clicked and I let myself in. I took a few deep breaths. I continued slowly toward elevator with my head down.

Once I got to the elevator I pushed the button to go up. I waited for what seemed like years, until finally the elevator made a little ding noise and opened. It welcomed me with soft elevator music which assisted me as I nervously waited until I got to the top. The door opened and I covered my eyes as the light from the top of the building engulfed me, as I stood like a toy soldier. Again I took too deep breaths. The perfect opportunity was here. I made the operation quick. I jogged to the side of the building. I rested the briefcase up against the the edging on the top of the Willis Tower.

It opened when I clicked the two buttons and I lifted the top to reveal the contents. I grabbed the stock of the rifle first. I attached each part quickly and with great skill. I attached the barrel of the rifle last, clicking as I twisted one last time. I checked to make sure everything was perfect. There was no time for mistakes. I breathed hard as I reached for the bullets. Inserting each into the magazine. Then putting the clip into the gun. I opened the bipod on the gun. I adjusted myself to a comfortable spot. Looking down the scope I found my targets.

I brought the cross hairs to directly to the first person’s head. Following the person has he walked. I inhaled and pulled the trigger 1. The sound of the gun filled the streets and so did panic. I clean hit to the head. I had to do it quickly. I shot followed my first 5 seconds after 2. Again with the same time 5 seconds 3. I had one more target that had to be a random. I breathed has I shot for the fourth time. The city was now in panic. Sirens filled the streets. Now it was time for the hard part. The escape. I put the gun away and snapped the briefcase shut. I hurried to the elevator.

I pushed the button to go down. I reached in my jacket pocket and pulled out my phone I dialed quickly and said it was done. Then hung up. I stopped on the 5th floor. I took to another elevator. One that was more busy bringing less suspicion to me. The elevator door was just about to shut. But a guy noticed me and stopped it for me. I thanked him and gave him a kind smile. What he didn’t know was the fact that I am now a wanted man. There were three others in the elevator all talking about the shooting. The said the building was being evacuated because authorities think the shooter was on the top of this building.

I acted like I hadn’t known about it. The door opened. I thanked the guy that stopped the elevator for me. No problem said the guy. I kept a slow pace and walked right out of the building. I jogged back across the street. Walked the same way that I came. I reached my car, pulled out the keys, unlocked it and hopped in. I had opportunity, I took advantage of it, just like the people walking the streets, except I had a better outcome than some. 2 days later… The vibration from my phone woke me. I glanced at the alarm clock that was on the stand to my left. My bed felt bare and my house empty.

I snatched my phone and realised who it was. I sat up with my feet touching the ground. I rubbed my eyes. Adjusting them to the morning dark morning light. I took a deep breath as hit the call button. The phone rang multiple times before a deep voices answered. This voice I hadn’t recognized it was deeper than the previous voices, anyways. He said for me to met him at 8:00 sharp at the abandoned factory. He hung up after he gave me the details. I bought the phone down and put it back where I had grabbed it. I deep breath and I stood up. I got dressed and grabbed a little something to eat.

As I walked the halls of my house the memories came back. The house seemed to come back to life. Only to disappear as quickly as they had came. Again my house felt empty. I grabbed my keys as I walked out the door. Things were going to change. I arrived at the building at 10 minutes before 8. As I waited I ran threw the plans that I had come up with last night. All of this started weeks ago. I used to be a navy seal. I was the backup of my squad. I was the sniper and had the best shooting accuracy in the camp. I retired after a good 10 years as a Seal.

However, as it was good for the military it lead to a disaster for me and my family later. The car arrived at 8:00 flat just as he said. The car was a black cadillac with all tinted windows. I walked to the car. The window rolled down. I guy wearing black shades was revealed. I told him that I had completed the job. Good he said. Something seemed not right though but I continued talking anyways. I demanded about the deal that they had set. You see the problem with that is if we let you have them you will go to the officials telling them of this. The man quickly pulled out a pistol.

I knew that this was going to happen. The plans that I had made were going to come in useful, as I was a Navy Seal after all. In one swift movement I disarmed the man. He opened the door hitting me to the ground. It was going to be a fight and not a pretty one either. I got back up and landed a nice blow to the man’s face. He responded with a quick kick and punch. I caught his arm and in less than 10 seconds I had my arms around his neck. Snap, I broke his neck. His lifeless body dropped to the floor as I released my arms. I am going to do whatever it takes to get my family back. My fight was just beginning….