Personal Narrative: Zen Week

Bryon closes his speech with one of his own personal quotes, “Success isn’t easy, if it were, we will all be successful, but success doesn’t equate to the figures in your bank account, success is the feeling of fulfillment and happiness one gets from achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. ” Zen Week is officially a wrap, now we can all go back to competing, studying non-stop, partying like we’ve got nothing else to do with our lives and of course gossiping because nothing can pass us by. Today started off well, let’s just hope it ends well.

I walked with my friends across the parking lot, “Is anyone hungry or is it just me. ” Chase asked stretching and yawning. Jack opened the door of his white Chevrolet Corvette, one leg in, and the other out while resting his arms on the opened door, “I am too, what do you guys think, should we go back to Celene to eat or just eat out? ” “I will rather just go home, but whatever you guys want, it is cool by me. ” Said Chase as he walked towards me, placing his arms around me.

“We are still on for tomorrow, right” He asked in a low voice, and I nodded, “Cool, text me later. He walked to his car. “So are we going home or what? ” Amanda asked “Home” the rest said in unison as I watched in amusement at how we all get along so well. “Chill a moment, I know we are all craving food, but who is doing the cooking? ” Jason asked with his arms folded. I walked to him, put my arms around his shoulders, and patted his chest, “It is what you were born to do buddy. I keep saying, why eat anything if …” I waited for him to complete my sentence, “… it isn’t cooked by Jason Bell” He smiled, I raised my finger up in objection, “and my mother. ”

We all started laughing. Shall we, I am starving” said Amanda weakly. They all got into their cars, I walked Emma to her matte grey Alfa Remeo 4C spider, “Okay, this is my cue. ” I hugged her, “You’re not coming? ” She got into her car, “No, I have something to take care of at the Falls” “Something like? ” She placed her bag on the passenger’s seat, “You know business and all” I closed the car door for her, “Umm, Umm, okay then, see you when you don’t have something to take care of like the rest of us,” she said sarcastically “Emma, let’s not do this. ” I looked away from her not interested in her attitude right now.

Do what? I am not doing anything, are you? I mean, aside from blowing me off” Her accusation got me turning my head as though my neck was so mobile, I could do a complete 360 with it. I am so shocked right now, I just watched her mumbling “every time I want to spend time with you, or the others. You keep blowing us all off, and shutting me out. ” “I am not doing all of the above. I am just–” “–Busy,” she cut me off, “Yeah, so you keep saying. Beginning to hate the word. Look for some other excuse. Busy,” She shakes her head, put her gear into drive, “that excuse is getting old.

Do us all a favor, come up with something better, you know, a little more creative, maybe then we will all buy what you are selling. ” Speechless, that is what I am right now, she started driving away, “I will call you or text. ” I said to her after taking a much needed deep breath, she nodded and drove away. I walked to the east side of the parking lot where Zack parked my grey Tesla Model 3. I was hoping the day would go smoothly, not no sure anymore. “Hope you enjoyed the talk Miss Fox” asked Zack with a smile. Shifting my mind from what just happened, “Yes, it was as I hoped, even better. ” He opened the door for me.

Such a gentleman, even if it is part of the job, he does it gracefully. He got into the car, “Where to? ” He asked “The Falls. ” I replied Zack drove away and headed towards the Falls. I need some form of entertainment right now, maybe I should stalk Bryon on his StarBuzz, the photo sharing social media website. Pictures do say a thousand words. I started scrolling through a bunch of pictures of Bryon at different functions on his StarBuzz page. Bryon on the yacht with a bunch of females, I bet they are models, they just all look the same to me, flawless skin, long toned legs, you know all the deal that scream model material.

It made my skin crawl. Agh, I was screaming in my head, so he is into girls like that. There were pictures of him receiving a bunch of awards, some for charity, some for business, some for educational involvement, some for movies. Who knew he was also a movie director, could he be any more unattainable. My eyes were getting tired. I have had enough. I know him better now. He is a man with adventurous soul, it shows from all his travel pictures, eating a bunch of weird food and doing a bunch of activities like surfing. He sure loves the outdoor. He loves to have fun judging by all the picture of him at events.

And he says he is a busy man, yeah, too busy getting some from all those girls. He is so paradoxical. One minute he is partying, the next he is at Trade shows, business talks and interviews and launching new products. Mr. Wilson sure is something. Something interesting. The book of his life is filled with so many chapters I cannot wait to read. I smiled to myself as Zack pulled into the Falls driveway. That was quite a journey. Two hours’ drive from school to the Falls always gives me time to think. I stepped out of the car as Zack opened the door. I walked to the lobby area. Sam was waiting there already for me.

Samantha, the Vice President of Golden Emporium, one of the largest multibillion dollar technology companies in the world, the messenger, never late to deliver my parent’s message, always babysitting me, making sure I stay sane at all cost. She is everywhere, she is like that annoying bug you just can’t get rid of. It is like God made me her purpose. And what is her job, Me, Myself and I. Her job is being my sister. Yes, she is a Fox. I mean, if the icy grey eyes that runs in the family didn’t give it away, at least the fountain of youth look should. Thanks to our parents, we look younger than our age.

It is a good thing for her considering she is twenty-nine, but can easily fool you, she looks twenty-four. For me, on the other hand, looking younger than my age is rather a curse than a blessing. I look like a freaking teenager. We are both blonde, but I dyed my hair black. I went through a punk phase. So everything about me was black. Ditched it, but kept the hair. It added sassy to my style. I am as tall as Sam. Both 5’6. She is more into the cooperate classy style, for example, right now she is wearing black long pants, white T-shirt with heels and a black blazer, and of course who is Sam without her ponytail signature hairdo.

I am more into the whatever looks good on me based on my mood style. We are both slim with long legs. “And what are you doing here. Aren’t you meant to be at the Grayson’s luncheon? ” I walked past her to the elevator. “Well, I was there, but now I am here. I called you, texted you, but I got no reply. I needed to be sure, you were still alive and breathing. ” She followed me into the elevator. She pushed the red button, that was in the restricted area. “Sorry to disappoint. ” I rested my back against the elevator, “I am fine. You can go now. I am not in the mood for catching up. The elevator was taking too long to get me to my suite, there was only one thing on my mind, sleep.

Too bad I am on the last floor of the hotel, this is the dilemma you face when you are on the 154th floor. Arghh. Sam sighs, “Judging by the look on your face. ” I turned to look at her as she stares at her shoes like they are the most intriguing pairs she has ever seen. “What look? ” “Like you hit your head on a door or something. ” She turned to look at me. I looked away from her, “Well, it feels that way. ” She placed her arms across my shoulders, “She will come around. ”

I rested my head on her shoulders, “How did you know it was a she? ” “You have the I-just-got-into-an-argument-with-Emma look, which by the way is not your fanciest look. It is pitiful. I am sure whatever it was would be put to bed soon. You two always fight and make up all the time. ” “Ding” the elevator opens “I need to sleep” I said to myself as I stepped out. I was about to walk into the living room when I noticed Sam wasn’t by my side. I looked back, “okay… Are you just going to stand there, or you are actually going to step in. ” The elevator was about to close on her when she stepped in.

Why were you just standing there? ” We both sat down on the sofa at the same time, I removed my shoe, stretching my legs. “Was just thinking about something” “Care to share” “Mom and Dad want you over for dinner. ” “Delivery service exists for a reason. They can send me my dinner. ” “They want you physically present. ” “If my presence is what they crave, I can video chat or better, do the holographic chat. ” “We are having a guest over. ” “Good thing I am not training to be a hostess” “Oh my gosh Araline, just say you would come.

Why must you look for an excuse to avoid socializing. ” I wouldn’t exactly call that socializing. It is dinner. What is so social about that? ” “So staying curled up in here all the time is your idea of socializing. ” “I am okay being alone. Moreover, I am not always here. I do get out sometimes you know. I don’t exactly a hermetic lifestyle. ” “So you say. Why do you avoid coming to the Pawn? You grew up there. That is home. ” “It is a house. ” “No it is home. Home is wherever the ones you love are. ” “I don’t like the vibe. ” “What vibe is that? ” “You know, dull, dry, floppy, just there. ” “Hmmm. ” “Yeah. ” “And this place is what? Lively, and bright? “It is very. ”

“No, the city is lively, but here, where you live, is not that different from the pawn. The pawn is better in my opinion. ” “Of course it is, you live there. Of course, you’ll be bias. ” “No, it is just facts. ” “Okay, I am done arguing. It is exhausting. ” “Then why do you do it in the first place? ” “Nope, nope,” I started shaking my head, “done, not arguing again. ” Raising my hands up for emphasis “It is just a question. ” “Samantha Fox, I am going to kick you out if you don’t cut it out. ” “Are you coming? ” “Was I speaking gibberish? How else do you want me to say No? Rude much? ” “Persistent much? Now I know why they sent you.

You just won’t stop. ” “Bryon Wilson is the guest. ” Suddenly, the exhaustion, anger, and boredom, I was feeling were replaced with nothing but happiness. “What is with the smile. ” “What smile? ” I asked, trying to keep a straight face. “That, right there, not a smile, a grin. You were grinning. ” “No, I was not. ” “Whatever. Are you coming? Do it for me. Your friends can come too, if you’d like that. It can be small dinner get together, so? ” “Of course I am, for you, anything. ” “That sounded weird coming from you. Anyway, got to go.

See you tomorrow. ” She pecked me on the cheek, then ruffled my hair. “What is your obsession with my hair? ” “Love you too. And Araline, just because you’re okay being alone doesn’t mean you have to be” She got into the elevator. I turned my head, “I never said the L word” I murmured to myself, “Too much argument for a day. ” I walked to the oversized window in the living room to take in the view of the Midtown Luxburg city’s skyline. From the living room, I had the front view of the city, but from the master suite, I had the 360-degree view of the city. Independence is a beautiful thing.

It gives you the sense of freedom, sense of self and responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you need to shut people out and do it all on your own. Just because you have always done things on your own, your own way, by yourself doesn’t mean you need to do it all alone. Open up to those who love you, care and cherish you. Don’t shut them out. Real, true love is hard to find, and when you do find it, keep it, never let it go. My place might not be lively, but I love Golden Falls as much as I love my family and friends. It is not just a building; it is home to me as much as Pawn is.