Personal Essay About Soccer

Soccer has always been in my blood. Soccer is in my family’s blood, and I was brought into the game when I was only five years old. Soccer became a big part of my life at a very young age, and it remains a large part to this day. Soccer occupies more than half of each week for me – it starts with practices before school on Monday and Tuesday, then games on Thursday evenings. Then Saturday rolls around, and more soccer – this time a six-hour tournament that takes place from early morning until late afternoon/early evening. Soccer is taking over all aspects of my life!

When will its reign end? But really though, soccer isn’t going anywhere any time soon – there are too many ways to play, too many teams to join, and way too many reasons to go on. Soccer has helped me make friends and stay in touch with old buddies. Soccer is a great way for kids who might not otherwise meet each other (a girly-girl and a tomboy for example) to find common ground – we can all appreciate the beauty of this sport! Soccer also encourages exercise and healthy competition; it’s truly one of my favorite pastimes.

Soccer started as just something I did because my older brother was doing it, but now it is such an integral part of my life that I can’t picture what my life would be like without soccer. Soccer is more than just the game itself – it’s the thrill of winning, the pain of defeat, and all that comes with it. Soccer is my life! Soccer is in me – Soccer will always be me. And most importantly of all, soccer introduced me to one of my best friends (my future girlfriend). Soccer even has the power to create romantic relationships, go figure.

Soccer has changed my life for the better; it’s given me memories I’ll never forget. Soccer is fantastic – almost as fantastic as Chelsea Football Club. Chelsea FC is what first made me fall in love with soccer; they are like a normal team but more powerful… like superman if he was on steroids (he probably is anyway). Chelsea FC became one of my favorite teams around when I was in middle school, and since then they have been a very important part of my life. I’ve met so many amazing people through Chelsea FC, including my best friend Tais, who is one of the most amazing people to ever walk the planet.

Soccer is what brought us together – it’s really cool how that can happen! Soccer has given me just about everything I have now – soccer gave me friends, gave me memories, gave me great times… and it made me fall in love with Chelsea FC. Soccer also caused some problems for me back when I started playing club at age 11 or 12 – too much stress about soccer took away from my schoolwork and other activities at times, but eventually things evened out. Soccer was a learning experience to say the least.

Soccer gave me problems from time to time, but it also brought me so much closer to my brother and friends, and Chelsea FC is just the icing on the cake! Soccer helped make me who I am today… and I wouldn’t change a thing! Soccer can even be a bit dangerous at times – in April 2011 when we played in our annual tournament in Vegas, this one girl got kicked in the face with a soccer cleat while playing defense for her team. It was actually really horrible; she got two black eyes and had other serious facial injuries.

She was unable to play for much of that season due to her injuries suffered from that particular incident. Soccer players are pretty darn tough though – just another reason why Soccer is the sport to play! Soccer can be fun, it can be exciting, but most importantly of all it can change your life. Soccer has made me into who I am today, so if you are thinking about playing soccer… do it! Soccer is fantastic – it’s my favorite sport by far. If you are already playing soccer, go out there and have fun!

Soccer isn’t going anywhere any time soon; in fact it will probably be around for a long time because more people are starting to join in on the action all over the world. Soccer is fantastic, Chelsea FC is even better… and I wouldn’t have either of them any other way! Soccer is truly a remarkable sport and Chelsea FC is truly an amazing team. Soccer has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can count, and Chelsea FC may very well be the best thing that ever happened to me. Soccer will always hold a special place in my heart; it’s given me many memories that I will never forget… and it introduced me to my future girlfriend!

Soccer wasn’t just something I did at one point in time – it was part of my life, and it made who I am today. It’s so wonderful when Soccer unites people! Soccer even united me with the love of my life Tais. It seems like we’re always going to soccer matches together now – whether we go to the game together at Stamford Bridge or watch it on TV, Soccer has definitely brought us closer than ever before. Soccer always gives you that feeling of excitement and accomplishment, but Chelsea FC gives you that extra boost that makes everything so much better!

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