Hockey Game Analysis

I always love the game of hockey no matter what the score is. I’ve been on teams where we might win only six games, or we win, lose the same amount of games, or we win a lot more than we lose. But I always know that somewhere in me I’m attached to this. I saw that I was open, knew if my teammate gives me the puck I’ll have just one man to beat, which I know I can do. “I’m open! ” I shouted. “Look at Daniel, he’s open! ” The coaches yelled. At that moment I noticed that my teammate picked up his head feed me the puck.

This game is so important, we need to get a higher seed in the playoffs and we might see this team in the first round. So we need to show them who’s boss right now. When I saw that puck coming to my stick I quickly picked up my head to make that there defenseman didn’t move up and try to play the body right this second because he was slowly creeping up by the second. But when I saw he was that he was still five feet in front of me I had to think of something to do quickly because he was slowly creeping up on me. There was nobody on my team that was open and I really knew that I can’t mess this up, if I do we might lose this game.

Even though this was in the second period it seemed so important but I had to clear out my head with all other thoughts and just concentrate on this moment. The defender slowly kept on creeping in and I just kept on getting closer to the net. At this moment I decided to do something that I never have succeeded at before. When the defenseman got up close to me I would put the puck behind him and lift my stick over him and then go to the net and take a shot. When he finally got close to me I knew the time was right now.

I made the move and got past him! “Oh yeah, It’s show time! I shouted. I was so attached to the moment. But I still had an impossible angle on the goalie, just one little opening and I knew I couldn’t blow this moment up. All the tension to get open in the first place and to get around the defenseman, I couldn’t botch this moment. I didn’t I got the puck through the side and scored a very important goal. It was an important one, we won that game. Reflection In this small moment the defender was in my path to the net and he was the difference between winning and losing. He was the difference, and I had to find a way to get past him.

The external conflict is that this is a very important game and I needed to score the goal. The internal was that I was very happy when you scored the goal but when I was still playing and when I was in the middle of the game I felt a lot of tension. These problems can connect because they are both talking about how I had a plan to score a goal. Conclusion In the end of this small moment I found myself in an important moment in that game and I had to find a way to win this game for my team and take over. But no matter what happens I always know that somewhere in me I’m attached to this, whatever it is.

Chapter Two:The disappointment Introduction I’ve been through been through ups and downs in my life, but when it has to do with my favorite sport it just bothers me. Yeah we tied that day, we should’ve blown that team out. But no matter what I’m still attached to this. This was bugging me the whole entire time. I was doing everything I could and I played great but my teammates just weren’t on the mark today. I was so upset that we couldn’t do anything. Yeah we barely won at all this year and nobody really had experience, but it’s travel hockey and those guys were put on this team for a reason.

Even though they never played travel hockey before, they made this team and we had a little bit of hope today and this weekend. So we need to show these teams whose the best. This tournament is full of teams that are our level and we have a chance. I looked at the board 2-2 one minute left. “This is crazy” I said. I couldn’t believe it we weren’t getting any points because of the winning the period rule and we just couldn’t do it. I looked around everyone looked dead and exhausted, it was crazy.

But I found myself during this time keeping myself attached to this game no matter what. What is this. ” “This isn’t who we are. ” “This is a complete mess. ” I said to myself. We kept on looking dead during the timeout. After the timeout we went onto the ice and let them go down the ice and get shoots. “What is this. ” “This isn’t who we are. ” I said to myself again. But again I found myself during this time keeping myself attached to this game. When our goalie made the save and the puck squirt up the boards with ten seconds left. I went up to get the puck and saw the scoreboard 3 seconds left. I took the shoot at the blue line and the goalie made the save.

What is this. ” “This isn’t who we are. ” I said to myself. We tied. But I found myself during this time keeping myself attached to this game, even though we gave up. Conclusion In the end of this small moment I found myself in an important moment in that game I just felt like my teammates weren’t into the game as much as others. I really knew that my team wasn’t playing the best, but I still was into and I still was attached to the game even though we could’ve done better. Reflection In the memoir I was asking myself “What is this. ” “This isn’t who we are. ” I said to myself.

This meant I knew what my team could do and this isn’t like them at all. I had confidence and it showed that I was so disappointed in our performance. We knew that we could beat this team because we’ve shown signs of a decent team. But I found myself during this time keeping myself attached to this game, because I love everything that I do. I still want to do my best no matter the score or what I do. Chapter Three:Finally some dedication Introduction I’ve been through some rough seasons in sports but last years hockey season was probably the worst statistic wise.

Yes there were some positives, including this small moment which is the reason why I’m attached to anything. In this game it was against the Eagles and we were thinking that we will probably beat them and crush them like we did a few weeks earlier. But when you’re down by three goals in with five minutes left and being on a quiet bench and a depressed locker room with 13 other guys that don’t like to lose and get out of this club and leave next season, you have to be a leader and as a 2nd year pewee and the only one with travel experience with kids who aren’t really familiar in this type of situation.

Guys this game isn’t over, until you say it is. ” I was trying to get them pumped we all seemed depressed and that’s not what a team of warriors do. We had a double header against this team right after at their place, but we weren’t going to think about that game until this one is over. So when we cut it down to a one goal game after Sam scored we sensed a comeback. I was so into this game now and I was really attached to this “This is when we are going to make this game memorable right now. ” The coaches informed.

But by scoring 3 more times against a team that has all the momentum and swagger and confidence right now. You don’t really think that it’s possibly but you have to make yourself believe that it is possibly and that the game isn’t over yet. So when we bought into that info and made it a 1 goal game we all sensed that this was switching momentum. “Oh yes,this is fun. ” I said out loud. I was so attached to the game in this moment. I have been intrigued by all this excitement and I have been learning more about the game in these 60 minutes alone.

With 37 seconds left the game seemed to be slipping away from us but scoring one goal seemed crazy. When we had the faceoff one back and the man at the point was open, I had a feeling that we couldn’t even mess up this opportunity. “Yes, let’s go. ” This game was som how tied. “This is what hockey is boys! ” The coaches shouted with joy. This is what we wanted from the beginning of the season. A game that you can easily remember when you’re an adult and tell your friends about when you’re older. When we lost the faceoff and the puck went down the ice I immediately sprinted to my guy.

I was afraid that this was going to end our chances of a great comeback win. “The game can’t end like this? ” I asked myself. But after the puck got shot up after a clear, I started to skate full speed and grab so I could take it home. After the goalie denied me I saw the loose puck and slammed it home. I immediately started to think of all the game winning goals I scored in house league. But this is on the top of the list. I am attached to this no matter what. Reflection In this small moment I really was starting to think about our next game because of our performance until the end.

But this shows that we had the imitily and the flashback at the end kind of just fit in because this was a huge part of our season and was the real highlight. Another moment was when our coaches told us that this was everything that they could ask for out of us, it showed that we turned it around and we finally rose to the occasion. Conclusion In the end of this small moment I really felt satisfied with the effort out of the team and myself. WE left everything on the line and finally satisfied the coaches and everyone. I think that we were due for this and this is exactly why I’m attached to everything that I do.