Bob Stoops And The Oklahoma Sooners Analysis Research Paper

Bob Stoops and the Oklahoma Sooners were on life support. After a disappointing 8-5 season, capped off with an embarrassing loss to Clemson, Bob Stoops was starting to feel the heat. So Stoops went out and made the best move of his career. He hired Lincoln Riley from ECU, and he gave the keys to his new offense to Baker Mayfield, the former walk on from Texas Tech. Many felt this would be a long recovery, but instead it was more like a shot of adrenaline. Oklahoma became the best team in the country, and now they are going to prove it in the playoff.

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Baker Mayfield really came out of nowhere. People knew who he was, but no one really expected this from him.

Baker Mayfield’s ’15-’16 Season Stats Passing Yards Rushing Yards Completion % Total TD INT Rating
’15-’16 Season 3389 420 68.6 42 5 178.9…

What really shines when you watch Mayfield is his competitive fire, leadership, and will to do whatever it takes to win . (If you need an example, watch this.) Teammates love this from a quarterback. I know many football players are quite jealous of the quarterbacks. How come he gets so much protection? Why can’t I slide when I’m about to get killed? You don’t see this in Mayfield’s game, and that’s why I really love the guy. When the game is on the line, he finds another gear and carries the team to victory. When you need an extra yard, he lowers his shoulder. When the team needs a spark, he riles up the troops. He just plays with a unbridled passion for the game, and it really rubs off on his teammates. He is a huge reason why I believe the Sooners will win it all, but there are still a lot more cogs that make this Oklahoma machine…